Restaurant Review: CAFE DUMBO

They’ve been written before, but positive reviews of this great little cafe bear repeating. CAFE DUMBO, tucked into a three-story building behind Kohrinbo 109, is a gem. Their menus are limited–drip coffee, basic espresso offerings, juices and a few small meals like taco rice or curry–but the great atmosphere, kind employees, great point system and amazing brunch special make it worth a visit. The second floor is decorated with vintage furniture and you’ll find plenty of reading material if you’re interested in Scandinavian design–they seem to collect art and design books. The employees speak English, and the cafe offers a English menu if you’re worried about your ability to order coffee before you’ve had your first coffee. Plus, for every five drinks you purchase you get a free drink, which is by far the best point system I’ve encountered in Japan.

I went in search of hangover food at 10AM and was pleasantly surprised to find CAFE DUMBO open! The Internet tells me their regular open time is 11:30AM, but the lights were on, sign out and employees ready to accommodate us bright and early. They were offering a brunch special–buy a drink and for ¥200 more you can get two pancakes, two strips of bacon and an egg. For just ¥700 yen I had a refreshing iced latte and an American-style brunch served with my maple syrup inside a glass cowboy boot.

Where: Behind Kohrinbo 109 in Kanazawa
Hours: Open 11:30AM–7PM Sunday-Wednesday, 11:30AM–10PM Friday and Saturday, Closed on Thursdays
Cost: Drinks from ¥450 with food specials available
Parking: Use parking lots behind Kohrinbo

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