Ishikawa JET Cookbook

Ishikawa AJET is proud to announce the return of “The Ishikawa JET Kitchen: Cooking in Japan Without a Fight.”  Cookbooks are on sale now, and half of every sale goes tobenefit charity!

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The cookbook was created by Ishikawa JET participants a few years ago, and perhaps the best way to explain it is to use the words of the editor, Leah Zoller:

Six years of university Japanese had not prepared me for dealing with the culinary side of living in Japan. All my American recipes were too large for one person. All of my favorite pre-made ingredients (ravioli, veggie burgers) were nowhere to be found. The English cookbooks I owned either used American measurements or had failed to convert properly into metrics, which is necessary if using Japanese cooking supplies. So I was left wondering what 100 mL of solid butter was meant to look like or how to bake 20 cookies in a tiny oven range.

“I can’t be the only one with this problem,” I thought.

I began The Ishikawa JET Kitchen as a locked blog—a place to share and comment on recipes and perfect them before showing them to the public. A small team of JETs tested all of the recipes for availability of ingredients and ease of making with Japanese kitchen equipment.

What’s special about this cookbook?

  1. All recipes have tested, edited, and approved by a thorough team of JETs and friends—no more worrying about whether recipes will work!
  2. An equipment list letting you know beforehand of any special tools you will need to prepare dishes.
  3. The recipes are designed to work with your Japanese kitchen equipment—no more worrying about cakes that won’t bake in the center or runny cookies!
  4. The recipes include the Japanese words and readings for ingredients right on the page—no need to use a dictionary!
  5. A comprehensive index marking which recipes are suitable for people with dietary restrictions.
  6. All recipes are in metrics—no need to worry about conversion!

To everyone who submitted recipes, tested recipes, and provided input: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I hope this book will prove useful (and delicious) to the JET community.

Leah Zoller, Editor
CIR, Anamizu (2009-11)


Here’s the Table of Contents, to get a look at what all’s included in the book:

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.30.37 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.26.40 AM

If you would like to order yourself a copy of this wonderful cookbook, you can contact your nearest AJET member (see list below).  The price of the cookbook is 1000円, half of which will go to benefit the efforts of Second Harvest Japan, a food bank organization based out of Tokyo.  The payment can be made in cash to your nearest AJET representative (see list below.)  If you are unable to physically meet an AJET representative (i.e. if you live outside of Ishikawa or Japan,) please contact us by using the tab at the top of this page and we can try to arrange a payment method.

NOTE: The cookbook is not currently in print format.  You will be given a CD with a PDF file of the book.  In addition, we can attach the PDF to an email if you would like.

AJET Representatives by location:

North (Noto): Alexander Schloss

Central (Kahoku, Kanazawa, Nonoichi, Hakusan): Dan Campbell, Maritza Santa-Cruz, Tom Foran, Daniel Kenneston, Frances Visintainer

South (Nomi, Komatsu): Donna Pleso, Clint Kimzey, Gerard Noakes

2 thoughts on “Ishikawa JET Cookbook

  1. Are there any updates to the people to contact about getting a cookbook? I know the person in the Noto has moved back to the states. I am the wife of a JET in Suzu.

  2. I lived in Ushitsu for 10 years from 1955. My 3 kids went from yochin to chugakko.
    I looked in vain for a familiar recipe! Who put these recipes together? I’m disappointed it doesn’t have anything I recognize. There are hardly any fish recipes.

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