Boom! Hanabi Season Is Upon Us!

Summer in Japan just wouldn`t be complete without hanabi-taikai (firework shows)!

I recently got hold of this year`s lineup of events, so here you go! 🙂

The Hokkoku Hanabi 2012:

  • 20/7: Suzu-shi, Iida Port, 8pm start
  • 22/7: Nanao-shi, Fuchuu Town pier, 8:30pm start
  • 22/7: Anamizu Town, Anamizu Harbour, 9:30pm start
  • 26/7: Komatsu City, around the cemetary, 8:10pm start
  • 28/7: Kanazawa City, Saigawa River, 7:45pm start
  • 28/7: Uchinada Town, Community Ground area, 9pm start
  • 29/7: Shika Town, Michi-no-Eki Korogaki-no-sato shika area, 8:40pm
  • 4/8: Kawakita Town, Tedorigawa dry riverbed, 8:10pm start
  • 12/8: Hakusan City, Deaimachi, 8:30pm start
  • 14/8: Nanao City, Sazaanami Town Fishing Harbour, 8:30pm start
  • 21/8: Kaga City, Katayamazu Onsen Shibayamagata Lake, 9pm start
  • 28/8: Kaga City, Iburibashi, 9pm start
  • 8/9: Kaga City, Daishouji, Kaga Taiikukan area, 9pm start
  • 16/9: Kanazawa City, Ougidai, 8:30pm start

Enjoy! 😀


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