Recipe: Stupidly Easy Tomato Soup

Photo: vmiramontes

I love tomato soup, but it’s hard to find for me as a vegetarian.  Luckily, it’s stupidly easy to make, and you can make yourself a lazy man’s dinner that’s comforting and satisfying by just opening a can of crushed tomatos and following the recipe below.

Stupidly Easy Tomato Soup

1 cup water (about 250 mL)

1 vegetable bullion cube

1 can crushed tomatos (should be about double the amount of water)

1/2 cup milk (about 125mL)

2 tbsp butter (optional) – I just cut a chunk that doesn’t make me feel too guilty…

basil (optional)

pepper (optional)

**I love recipes that can easily be adapted and don’t require measuring.  To be honest, I just eyeball how much of everything I toss in, so don’t be too obsessive about the amounts!

1.  Boil the water and dissolve your boullion cube in it to make a broth.

2.  Add the can of crushed tomatoes to the broth.

3.  Toss in some milk to combat some of that canned-tomato acidity!  Want to add more milk? Go for it.

4. (optionally) Toss in a chunk of butter — less is healthier, more is oilier.  You choose your quantity.

5.  If your boullion cube didn’t provide enough season, toss in some basil and pepper.  Feel free to experiment with other spices as well.  I’ve been successful with a little cinnamon and nutmeg.  Spices are magic.  Use them.

That’s all.  You’re done and you’ve got yourself a totally fabulous and pretty healthy soup!  Make a dinner out of it by adding a side of toast with cheese on it.  Truly the lazy man’s dinner — with easy clean up, too!