Happy Tanabata! Wish upon a pair of (literally) star-crossed lovers

Greetings all! Hisashiburi!

Recently, you may have seen some colourful paper trailing lanterns hanging around, and if not, you might well see them soon. It`s Tanabata! Also known as the STAR FESTIVAL.

Tanabata Streamers

[Tubular Tanabata Streamers]

Tanabata “七夕” means `the Evening of the Seventh`, and it`s an East Asian festival that is celebrated in China as Qixi or Qiqiao, and in Korea as Chilseok. The exact date that Tanabata is celebrated varies by region in Japan, but the first festivities usually begin on July 7th, and is held on various days in July and August. Continue reading


Noto Abare Matsuri 暴れ祭り (Fire and Violence Festival)

Yes, yes, yes, summer festival season is here! This guest post was written last year by Ginny Middleton, a second-year ALT working in the Noto. This festival is one of Noto’s most famous, so if you aren’t taking the July 2011 JLPT (or even if you are), plan to attend!

Noto Abare Matsuri 暴れ祭り(Fire and Violence Festival)

Arguably the best festival in the Noto, Abare Matsuri (the Fire and Violence Festival) will take place from 9 am on the first Friday and Saturday in July every year (1st and 2nd July 2011  same weekend as the JLPT)although most of the best parts are after dark. The festival is held in the rural town of Ushitsu 宇出津 in the northern Noto peninsula and has been running for 350 years!
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Summer Festival Season: August 26-29

This post concludes the Ishikawa JET Blog Summer Festival Series. Thanks for reading!

1. Watermelon Festival 西瓜祭り, Komatsu; Aug. 26-28
2. Bullhead-Fry Festival ぐず焼き祭り, Kaga; Aug. 27-29
3. Café Lowell カフェ・ローエル, Anamizu; Aug. 28
4. Fukuura Festival 福浦祭り, Shika; Aug. 28
5. Niwaka Festival にわか祭, Noto; Aug. 28
6. Togi Hassaku Festival 富来八朔祭り, Togi; Aug. 28-29

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Wajima Taisai 輪島大祭

Wajima Taisai 輪島大祭

Aug. 22-25 (Sun.-Weds.)

Image from Wajima City Website

〒928-0001 石川県輪島市河井町4

928-0001 Ishikawa-ken Wajima-shi Kawai-machi 4

Waijima Taisai is Wajima’s biggest summer festival. The festival is actually a combination of the festivals of four different shrines in Wajima in the towns of

Ama-machi (海士町): Aug. 22 (Sun.) 16:00 – 23:00

Kawai-machi (河井町): Aug. 23 (Mon.) 15:00 – 24:00

Fugeshi-machi (鳳至町): Aug. 24 (Tues.) 8:00 – 24:00

Wajimazaki-machi (輪島崎町): Aug. 25 (Weds.) 8:00 – 11:00

Wajima Taisai encompasses all the basics of a proper Noto festival into four days of celebration: mikoshi, portable shrines, taken out to sea; kiriko; a bonfire with a 12-meter pine torch; dancing and revelry in the streets. Don’t miss it!

Additional information

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Summer Festival Season: August 16-22

We’re in the home stretch of summer festival season!

1.Kanakura Illumination Event 金蔵万燈会, Wajima; Aug. 16

2.Sosogi Grand Festival曽々木大祭; Wajima; Aug. 17

3.Katayamazu Onsen Hot Water Festival 片山津温泉湯のまつり, Kaga Onsen; Aug. 20-22

4.Kabuto-hiki-fune Festival 甲曳き舟祭り; Anamizu; Aug. 21

5.Sakami Festival 酒見祭; Shika; Aug. 21

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Summer Festival Season: August 10-14

Floats shaped like boats! Songs of the salt farmers! The most romantic festival at the most romantic temple in Ishikawa! A kiriko festival with all-female participants, and more! Don’t miss out on the Noto’s fabulous summer festivals!

1. Mountain King Festival 山王祭 (Minazuki Festival 皆月祭), Monzen (Wajima); Aug. 10-11
2. Sunatoribushi Festival 砂取節まつり, Suzu; Aug. 13
3. Heart-binding Festival 心むすび祭, Hakui; Aug. 13-14
4. Western Sea Festival 西海祭り, Shika; Aug. 14
5. Shinguu Summer Evening Festival 新宮納涼祭, Nakanoto (Nanao); Aug. 14

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Shika Matsuri (Nishi Noto Yaccha Matsuri)

志賀町祭 (西能登やっちゃ祭り)

From the Shika-machi town website.

August 1 (Sunday) 9:00-21:00

The festival site is between the Shika-machi Town Hall(志賀町役場) and Michi no Eki Korogaki no Sato Shika (道の駅ころ柿の里しか)

Raft races, yosakoi dancing, and a Hokkoku Fireworks display are just a few of the many performances and events happening at this year’s Shika-machi Festival.

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