The 2014 AJET Primer

The results from the election are in, and it’s time to meet your new 2014 Ishikawa AJET Council!  The newly elected members of the Council are already planning and implementing ideas to make 2014 a great year for us Ishikawa JETS.

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Graffiti Your ♥ Out this Friday at Apre

Don’t forget the Ishikawa AJET Valentine event,  Graffiti Your ♥ Out, this Friday at APRE. If you preordered a T-Shirt they’ll be waiting for you once you get in the door. If you didn’t preorder your shirt, feel free to bring your own! Permanent markers will be available for drawing on everyone’s T-shirts.

Cover is ¥500 and all drinks are ¥500.

What: Graffiti Your ♥ Out
When: Friday, Feb. 10 9:00 p.m.
Where: APRE in Katamachi
Huh? We’ll be drawing on people’s clothes because it’s fun.

See you all there!

Charity Caroling at Kanazawa Station

Caroling in 2010
If you have the voice of an angel, or even if you can’t hold a tune to save your life, come share the holiday spirit with Kanazawa’s many denizens and tourists. Ishikawa AJET is sponsoring charity caroling at the Kanazawa Station East Exit–under the huge torii gate–from 4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 18. Proceeds will benefit Onagawa, a tsunami-struck town for which Ishikawa JETs have already raised funds and volunteered.

Invite your non-JET friends, co-workers and students to hear some singing (and donate to charity). Everyone is welcome! If you’re interested in singing, don’t forget to contact Kathleen Robertson so there are enough lyric packets to go around.

Joanna Clark is a second year ALT in Kahoku City who will be singing her face off at Kanazawa Station on Sunday.

Master Cooking in Japan with The Ishikawa JET Kitchen

NOTE: As of October 2013, the Ishikawa JET Kitchen Cookbook is temporarily unavailable.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


Are all the new foods you’re finding at the supermarket a bit overwhelming? Have you been wracking your brain trying to convert your favorite chocolate chip recipe to your metric measuring cups? Are you sick of not knowing which flour you need for what kind of cooking?

Cooking in Japan can be a challenge, but now it just got a little bit easier with The Ishikawa JET Kitchen, an interactive digital cookbook from Ishikawa AJET. This cookbook is the brainchild of former Anamizu CIR Leah Zoller. With the help of a dedicated group of recipe contributors and testers, the penultimate cookbook that every JET should own. Whether you’re new to cooking, or a culinary whiz you will benefit from the wide range of traditional Japanese and homegrown recipes from Ishikawa JETs around the world.

Recipes for people with dietary restrictions have been tagged for easy searching – so whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, or keep gluten-free you can find what recipe will work for you in no time.

For only ¥1000 you can get over your fear of the supermarket and use your kitchen like a pro. All proceeds from The Ishikawa JET Kitchen will go to Second Harvest charity. If you like the cookbook, make sure to tell your friends, family and coworkers!

To get the Cookbook, please transfer your payment of ¥1000 to the Ishikawa AJET account:
Bank name 北國銀行(ほっこくぎんこう)
Branch name 宇野気支店(うのけしてん)
Acct number 381962
Acct name エージェットイシカワシブ
Please send an email with the subject line “Cookbook Payment” to ishikawaajet[at] with your name as it appears on your bank book. We’ll email your copy of the cookbook once payment is confirmed.

Please not that a direct “buy now” option is no longer available.

MAN UP FOR JAPAN: Give To Charities Here and Abroad

Courtesy of National AJET:

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan have been described by Prime Minister Kan as the worst crisis Japan has faced since the Second World War. For those lucky enough to live in unaffected areas, people are settling back into their normal routines. However, many have not been so lucky.

Japan has been good to all of us. It has given us a home, many new friends and more opportunities than we can possibly count. And the country needs …our help now, so please ‘MAN UP FOR JAPAN.’

Payday is coming up on Friday for many of us — and when it does, if you can afford it, we ask that the first thing you do with your pay check is to donate ‘a man’ (一万円, 10,000 yen) to the Japanese Red Cross Society, the AJET Relief Fund, or any other organization of your choice. (We’ve included a handy list of organizations and easy ways to donate below).

10,000 yen may seem like a lot of money, but if you donate it as soon as pay day comes it’s easy to budget. If everyone donates on Friday, it has the potential to help the relief effort in a very big way. Giving 一万円 really isn’t much after everything that Japan has given us.

Information about the AJET Relief Fund and how to donate directly to JET participant needs.
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AJET Haiku and Photo Competition 2011

Winner of 2010 AJET Photo Contest, shot by Tim Harding (Ehime-ken)

This info comes to us via our stalwart AJET president, Sarah Kelly:

Every year, AJET encourages poets and photographers from the JET community to exercise their creative talents with out annual AJET Haiku and Photo Competitions.

Haiku Competition – Opens immediately. Closes 31st May.
Haikus can be in reference to life on JET or in the traditional style. We’re not fussy! Humorous Haikus are always welcome too.

The competition will be split into two categories, English and Japanese, so get creative with your Nihongo skills too.

Submissions should be:

  1. accompanied by the name, address and JET number of the poet
  2. original works
  3. written in English and/or Japanese
  4. if written in Japanese, accompanied by furigana and an English translation

There is a limit of two (2) haiku per entrant total. Current National AJET Council members are not eligible to enter.

Entries and inquiries should be sent to Avalyn at contest[AT]ajet[DOT]net.

Judging will be conducted by members of the AJET council. We are also hoping an outside Haiku poet will be able to judge this year.

Ownership/ Use Rights: Haiku authors retain the copyright of their haiku. By entering the contest authors agree to have their submitted haiku displayed on the AJET website (, displayed on the National AJET fan page (facebook), and used in AJET publications without any fee or other compensation. Haiku will be credited to the author named in the entry form. Please make copies of poetry you want to keep on record. Entries will never be used by AJET in any manner for advertising or sale. In the even that ownership of any haiku is contested in any manner, AJET retains the discretion to disqualify that haiku and discontinue use.

Two first place winners, one in English and one Japanese will win a 3000 yen Amazon online gift voucher. Second place (in English and Japanese) will win a 1000 yen voucher.

Photo Competition – Open immediately. Closing date 31st May.

AJET wants to encourage all professional and budding photographers to send in their photos of Japan and life on JET.

We are interested in ‘human’ or humorous photos of your life on JET. Landscape photos are unlikely to get much attention.

Judging will be conducted by the AJET council. The winner on the competition will win a 3000 yen Amazon online gift voucher and will feature in the Tokyo Orientation Guide Book for the incoming JETs (often the front page).

Submissions should be:

  1. accompanied by a caption describing the scene
  2. accompanied by the name, address and JET number of the photographer
  3. original images
  4. high quality JPG files; for example, a single image should be at least 400kb in size

There is a limit of two (2) images per entrant. Current National AJET Council members are not eligible to enter. In the case that you submit photographs including people’s faces, please receive permission from those featured before submission.

Entries and enquiries should be sent to Avalyn at contest[AT]ajet[DOT]net.

Ownership/Rights: Photographers retain the copyright of their photos. By entering the contest photographers agree to have their submitted photo displayed on the AJET website (, displayed on the National AJET fan page (facebook), and used in AJET publications without any fee or other compensation. The photo will be credited to the photographer named in the entry form. Please make copies of the photo that you want to keep on record. Entries will never be used by AJET in any manner for advertising or sale. In the even that ownership of any photo is contested in any manner, AJET retains the discretion to disqualify that haiku and discontinue use.

Good luck!


Saturday, December 18, 2010
18:00 – 20:00 at Kanazawa Station, East Gate (東口)

Please mark your calendars for Ish-AJET’s Annual Charity Caroling! We’ll be singing a variety of winter wonderland songs in front of the station and we’ll be collecting donations for Pepy Ride ( I think that it should also be okay to invite your students to come watch, but please ask your JTEs first. I’ve included  a list of songs–in no particular order–after the cut, and I’ll be printing up some lyrics for everyone to share at the event. Feel free to check up the lyrics before the event and practice them at karaoke! 😉

Don’t forget to wear your most festive clothing!


Megan Lam
石川AJET Charity

P.S. Stay warm! Good luck to those taking the JLPT this weekend!

List of songs:
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AJET Charity Book Drive and Book Sale

Happy Thursday, everyone!
Here’s a message from our AJET Charity representative, Megan Lam. If you have any questions you can contact her via email at:  meganlam85 at gmail dot com. (unformatted for the sake of her spam box)
Because AJET does not have a budget and can’t offer any sort of funding for this great cause, we humbly ask for your used books.
The money raised from the Book Sale at IFIE’s International Festival, on November 3rd, will go towards the Ishikawa Orphanage Visits. Ishikawan JETs are currently involved with volunteering at two orphanages. The main orphanage is the Inamien Orphanage in Kaga and visits started this past March.
About the Inamien orphanage:
Inamien is situated in the onsen town of Katayamazu, in southern Ishikawa, and houses 60 children in total, from the ages of 2 to 18. Orphanages in Japan aren’t quite the same as those you might have seen in other countries or back home. Few of the children are technically “orphans” – it’s more likely that they come from single parent families, or households which struggle to cope with their needs. Some of the children may have learning difficulties or behavioral problems, but often they are just very sweet kids who are delighted to get some adult attention.
Proceeds from the Book Sale will go towards buying crafts and activities for the children in the future visits.
How you can help:
Please ask for books from your neighbors, co-workers, random strangers you meet on the street, because the International Festival patrons will be interested in books in English and Japanese (old and new). We are also taking DVDs and CDs, since somehow we ended up with a ton of those too. 

Here are some general dates you can drop-off books with Megan or at IFIE:

STARTING October 24th til November 3rd – Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE)
Rifare 3rd Floor, Hon-machi 1-5-3
Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0853 

Rifare’s wroking hours: 08:30 to 08:00 (weekdays)
08:30 to 17:00 (weekend)
(You can address it to Rohan Ranade if it’s a parcel)

6-8pm at the Komatsu wine bar (Apertif) located across from the Komatsu Station
There’s Happy Hour during this time, so feel free to stop by for half off all drinks 

10/30/2010, Saturday
8pm-10pm @ Kabocha in Kanazawa (AJET HALLOWEEN PARTY)
Megan will collect books at the AJET party, all you have to do is drop them off with her before you start drinking. 😉

11/03/2010, Wednesday (National Culture Day – Holiday)
All Day @ the Book Sale in Rifare during IFIE’s International Festival
You can still drop off books on the day of the book sale. 😀

BOOKSALE (November 3rd)
IFIE’s International Festival
Please check out the books and DVDs available at the International Festival. Books will range from 100-300 yen. DVDs will range from 300-1000yen (sets). All proceeds will go towards the orphanage visits.
IFIE’s International Festival will be held at Rifare in Kanazawa (Across from the East Exit of Kanazawa Station)
Rifare, Hon-machi 1-5-3
Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0853

Clean out your shelves in time for winter!