Toyama’s Fushiki Kenkayama Matsuri 伏木けんか山祭り

From Takaoka-shi's official website

The Fushiki Hikiyama Matsuri 伏木曳山祭り[Fushiki Float Festival], popularly known as the Fushiki Kenkayama Matsuri 伏木けんか山祭り[Fushiki Fighting Floats Festival] will take place on Saturday, May 15, 2010 in our neighboring prefecture of Toyama. The first festival was held in 1820, and the festival is a designated cultural asset of Takaoka-shi. In the afternoon, 曳山 (hikiyama), or festival floats, are adorned in flowers paraded to the Fushiki Shrine. At night, the flowers are exchanged for lanterns, and the participants crash the floats into each other.

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