Free Karma — Take a Survey!

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For those of you wondering what happens after JET, one option is graduate school.  I am a former Ishikawa-JET and I ended up enjoying my experience in Japan so much that I’m now studying TESOL at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS).  It’s a long name for a school…but they have a great program.

In any case, as part of my TESOL program, I’m learning to be a good researcher and have designed a survey.  I need people with exposure to Japan and Japanese to take it.  I’m hoping you’ll help me.

Please help a former-Ishikawa-JET (me!) out and check out this survey. You’ll need a computer mic (most laptops have one built in) and about 7 minutes.  If you want to hear me talking while I give the instructions, feel free to turn up your speakers.

I need as many people as possible to take this, so if you know anyone else who would be willing to help out, send them here and have them click on the link!  (Oh yeah, the survey is in English.)

Many thanks in advance.  And if you have any questions about the MIIS grad school program (for future TESOL students), feel free to ask me in the comments!

French Arts Exhibition

As part of the “Week of the French Arts” (May 8th – 14th, 2010), there will be 3 French art exhibitions up around Kanazawa.

“The Eyes of a Caricaturist: Exhibition of Sem”

French artist Georges Goursat (nicknamed Sem) is known for his caricatures of French high society at the beginning of the 20th century.  This will be the first exhibition of his works in Kanazawa.

Where: Exchange Hall, Hokkoku Shimbun Akabane Hall (site in Japanese)

“Exhibition of Drawings of Claude Prouve – L’Ecole de Nancy Today”

Claude Prove is from Nancy, the French sister-city of Kanazawa.  Besides being an architect, he made over 10,000 drawings in 60 years.  He showed a strong interest in black and white arts, such as Japanese ink paintings.  The focus of this exhibition are works from his “Series of 105 ink paintings”.

Where: Exchange Hall, Hokkoku Shimbun Akabane Hall

Photo: Wikipedia

“Exhibition of Artwork Owned by the City of Kanazawa and the Kanazawa College of Art”

This exhibition will focus on valuable prints from Marc Chagall and Abraham Bosse, two representative artists of modern France.  There will also be sculptures by Rodin and Bourdelle and “splendid vases”, a cooperation by French Daum glass company and Shogyo Oba, a Kanazawa lacquer artist.

Where: Exhibition Gallery, Kanazawa Cultural Hall (located behind Kourinbou 109)

All three of the exhibitions are FREE, so spread some international love and check them out!

Also, the week’s opening concert, “Samson and Delilah” still has tickets available.  Read our previous post about it for complete details! Tickets are only 1,500 yen.

Spring 2010 Photo Contest

Photo: Wide Island View

Wide Island View, the Hiroshima JET webzine, is running another photo contest with even better prizes than before!

This time, they’re looking for your Spring photos taken in Japan during the past 6 months, so get yourself over to their website to get a complete list of rules and regulations.

This season, prizes come courtesy of White Rabbit Press, which creates excellent Japanese learning materials (I know, because I have a set of their kanji flashcards — they’re lovely).  Winners will also have their photos featured on Englipedia.  As last time, even if your photo doesn’t earn you a prize, it may end up featured in the Shashin Spotlight on the WIV website, showing off your fine photography skills.

By the way… Ishikawa JETs represented 6 of the 33 photos submitted to their previous contest — aaaaand our very own Gregory took 2nd place, which is all kinds of awesome.  Hope we can outdo our previous numbers and make those Hiroshima-folk learn where we are on the map!


– Photos must be set in Japan

– Photos must be Spring photos

– Photos must have been taken in the past 6 months (and given that Spring is just barely starting to show itself, I’m guessing you’ll have taken these photos in the past two weeks…)

– You must have taken the photo you submit

– Photo must be at least 1,200 pixels on one side (most cameras do this).

– You can only submit one photo!

Submission Deadline: May 15th


Submit your photo and details to wivcontests (at) gmail (dot) com. Title the email “Spring Photo Contest 2010”

Be sure to include a title for your photo, your full name, if you’re a JET or not, your Japanese hometown, where the photo was taken, and a brief description.

Start looking through your photos now and help represent Ishikawa!

Charity Pub Quiz & School Disco

AJET is hosting their last charity event of the JET year — a Charity Pub Quiz and the Are You School Disco — this Saturday, April 24th at Apre in Kanazawa.  This is a great opportunity to get out there and have some fun while helping out the world a little.

Charity Pub Quiz will run from 7:30pm-9:30pm.  ¥1,000 entry fee per team, which will benefit the Japanese Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  Prizes for the team answering the most trivia questions and for the best-dressed team (school-uniforms, please!)

Are You School Disco will start at 10:00pm and run until the last person leaves.  There’s a recommended ¥500 donation (but this is a charity event, so feel free to embarass your friends by donating more).  Donations benefit the Japanese Red Cross.  AJET will have a snack stand, and music provided by Dipika and Co.

This is probably the last AJET charity event of the JET year, so get out there and drag your friends with.

Shintenchi Block Party

This Saturday, April 24th from 6:30pm – 10:30pm, there will be a big outdoor party hosted by World Eclectic, Groom, and Kappa-doh.  Come down to Shintenchi Street, right behind Labbro in downtown Kanazawa, and enjoy foodlive music performances, and shopping (street vendors selling  glass-blown crafts, candle crafts, and more)!

Current weather forecasts are showing it will be cloudy, but at least that’s not rain!  I’m crossing my fingers.

Sports Management Talk by Jim Small

This is a great opportunity for foreigners in Ishikawa to learn about Major League Baseball and Sports Management. The Nagoya American Center, IFIE, and the Ishikawa Million Stars are hosting a lecture by Mr. Jim Small who is the Managing Director for Major League Baseball Ltd & also the Vice-President of MLB Asia.

Mr. Small has worked in the field of sports marketing for 25 years before he took his present job in 2003. Based on his experience with clubs such as the Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers as well as a PR Officer for MLB and Nike Spokesperson, Mr. Small will give a talk about the role of a sports manager and how sports organizations can maintain their financial competitiveness.

If you’re interested in attending the lecture, you’ll need to reserve your place by emailing Rohan by April 20th!

When: Monday, April 26th; 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Where: 4th floor of Rifare (1-5-3 Hon-machi, Kanazawa)

Sign-Up Deadline: April 20th –> email Rohan (English okay) at rohanranade [at] ifie [dot] or [dot] jp

Teacher Evaluations

If you’re responsible for teaching your own class, chances are your teaching is going to be evaluated.  Since not all ALTs are briefed on what is expected of you as a teacher in Japan , I thought I’d point out what the students are asked to evaluate about their teachers at the high school I work at.  (My evaluation by students was in July, by the way).

Questions about the Teacher

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French Opera in Kanazawa

Photo: Forever Wiser

The Cultural Exchange Section at Kanazawa City Hall is organizing a week of French Arts for the first week of May, during which a variety of French events will be organized to share and show off the charming French culture to the Ishikawa public.

On May 8th at 7pm musical pieces and excerpts from the French opera, “Samson and Delilah”, composed by Camille Saint-Saens will be performed at the Kanazawa Bunka Hall (Cultural Hall).  Doors open at 6:30pm.

The opera is based on the biblical tale of Samson and Delilah.  Samson, a man bestowed with incredible strength, falls in love with Delilah, who tries to figure out the secret of Samson’s strength and rob him of it.


Tickets are 1,500 yen and can be purchased through the Ticket Pia at Family Mart/Circle K/Sunkus, at Daiwa Korinbo (8th floor), the Ishikawa Ongakudo, the Kanazawa Bunka Hall or the Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Center.

You can also email Sophie:  sophie [at] city [dot] kanazawa [dot] ishikawa [dot] jp to reserve your tickets. In that case, please pick up your tickets at the 4th floor of Kanazawa City Hall, Monday-Friday 9am and 5pm.  You can give her the 1,500 yen.

Thanks to Sophie for the event information!