Back to School: Dust Off Those Brains for Some Trivia!

One thing that surprised me about when I first came to Japan is the teachers’ custom of testing students as soon as they return to school from vacation.  Talk about harsh!  Those poor students barely have enough time to get used to school routines again when — BAM!  Test time.

Well, Ishikawa AJET decided to take a page from the Japanese Teacher’s Handbook this time around.  To welcome everyone back to another year of classes, we’re having a Pub Trivia night.  Here are the details:

What: AJET’s “Back to School” Pub Quiz Night.

When: Friday, April 24th (quiz starts at 8:00 but get there earlier to form a team and get your answer sheet)

Where: A nice little bar called “social/puddle,” located at 片町 2丁目10-42 RENN bldg B1F, 金沢 石川 921-0981 (note it’s in the basement!)  It’s in the neighborhood behind Kohrinbo 109, so hop off at the Kohrinbo bus stop if you’re taking public transit.  There are several small parking lots peppered throughout the downtown area if you’re driving.

Language: Questions will be read in English, but there will be plenty of time for translation if needed (this isn’t a buzzer-beater kind of quiz)

Teams: Can be anywhere from 1 to 8 members.

Here’s a picture of the entrance to social/puddle:


The bike isn’t guaranteed to be there, so don’t make that your point of reference

We’re cooking up ten rounds of trivia to test your knowledge on a variety of topics, from history to pop culture and everything in between… so bring your thinking caps.  The great folks at social/puddle will be serving up delicious drinks and AJET will be providing prizes for the brainiest teams.  We’ve been careful to make questions that can be answered by anyone, no matter what country you come from.  So, invite your friends and let’s trivia.

Hope to see everyone there!

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