The 2014 Uchinada Beach Party: Information Galore

The end of summer approaches!  Well… it may not be the end of summer weather (sorry, folks – still another month or more of that) but the summer as defined by the Gregorian Calendar is certainly drawing to a close.

"You're welcome!" -Guy who never lived in Japan.

“You’re welcome!” -Guy who never lived in Japan.

To celebrate the end of summer, as well as the beginning of life in Japan for our newly-arrived JETs, the Ishikawa branch of the Association of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (AJET) is holding its annual Uchinada Beach Party on Sunday, September 6th, from 2pm to whenever-the-beans.


Anyone can attend the party, so invite all your friends and/or co-workers.  However, the admission charge this year is 2,500円 if you’d like to have access to the copious amounts of BBQ and yaki-soba (due by Sunday, August 31st – see “Other Information” section below), or 1,900円 (due at the door) if you’d like to bring your own food.  Drinks are on a bring-your-own basis.

“But wait!” you say, “in the previous years, the Uchinada Beach Party has been a free event, open to anyone with a song in their heart and smile on their lips.  What gives?”  Well, when we sat down to talk about the Beach Party this year, the memory of the previous two years weighed heavily on our souls.  For those of you who weren’t around, two years ago the party encountered fierce resistance in the form of rain, forcing the poor party-goers to take shelter wherever they could.  Last year it was even more intense, with a typhoon sweeping through the party, cancelling trains and blowing all manner of things into the Sea of Japan, never to be seen or heard from again.

Beach Party 2013

“Worth iiiiiiiiiit!”

To remedy this (barring typhoons, because there’s no remedy for those.  Yet.) we wanted to host the party somewhere impervious to rain.  As such, we decided to call up our friends Apres on the Beach.  We struck a deal with them, and agreed to charge per head in order to use their space.  The space will include: refrigerators, teppan grills for cooking, shade in case of sun and shelter in case of rain, a range of pork, beef, veggies, and yaki soba, and of course a sound system.


If the weather holds up, we’ll have beach sports tournaments, with prizes (TBD) for the winners.  Right now sports include volleyball, football (soccer) and possibly ultimate frisbee.  Grab some friends and put together a team for a chance to win.

Rain or shine, we’re proud to announce that this year we’ll also have the AJET Trivia Showdown of Extreme Cerebral Prowess.  This will be a pub-style trivia game, testing your knowledge, mental agility, and ability to answer questions while drunk.  The winner will also be given a prize (also TBD, but it’ll be sweet, trust us).

Music! Explosions! Charity!

In addition, we’re having four separate DJs playing throughout the day (starting at 3pm) and into the night.  We’ll end the party with fireworks on the beach – light ’em if you’ve got ’em!

Finally, a portion of your admission price – 400円 – will go to help Second Harvest Japan, a food bank based out of Tokyo and serving the needs of hungry people right here in Japan.  If you’d like to make a donation on top of that, feel free!  We’d like to set a precedence of generosity along with fun for this year’s AJET events.

Other Information

To pay your admission if you’d like the yaki-soba/BBQ option, get in contact with your nearest AJET Representative.  If you don’t know who that is, email the Ishikawa JET Blog at “ishikawaJET (at) gmail (dot) com,” and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Parking is available on the beach for those of you who want to drive.

If you’re going home by train, it’d probably be a good idea to take the train from Uchinada Station (about a 15-min walk from the beach) at 9:45pm, since the last train from Kanazawa Station towards Komatsu leaves at 10:52, and the last one towards Nanao leaves at 10:41.

Of course, you can always sleep at the beach (sorta-recommended) or find a friend in Kanazawa who will host you (highly recommended!)

On behalf of Ishikawa AJET, we look forward to seeing you all there!


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