Kin-chan “Lemon Ramen” – Nanao Restaurant Review

kinchanQuick Facts

To-34-1 Shinmeichō, Nanao
Under Keyz Karaoke
Find it on Google Maps

☎ 767-53-3688

Hours: open after 21:00

Website (Japanese)

Nanao Community Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

lemon ramen

What’s on the Menu: There is no menu at Kin-chan. While there is a sign for yakisoba and gyoza outside, everyone comes here for the same thing: lemon ramen. It’s a distinctive, delicious, and affordable bowl of noodles with a tangy kick.

Quirks & Perks: Kin-chan is a popular spot for sumo lovers and Seihakusai Festival participants – you’ll see posters on the walls of dekayama and upcoming sumo matches. The dining area is a row of countertop seats facing the open kitchen, where the single owner whips up her specialty noodles. What holds Kin-chan back from being a regular dining spot is its small seating area and late hours. That said, if you’ve been drinking in the ginza’s snack bars and get hungry, this is the perfect spot for a late night dinner that’s savory and filling.

If you’re looking for a unique bowl of ramen in Nanao, this is the best place to go.

Patricia is a second-year ALT. Prior to moving to Nanao, she managed social media for a high-end bistro in Michigan. You can usually find her at local restaurants poised over her dish with a camera. She blogs about food, among other adventures, at My Present Life.


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