Miyabi-tei Udon – Nanao Restaurant Review




Quick Facts

Ro−19−8 Shinmeichō, Nanao
Across from Nanao City Hall
Find it on Google Maps

☎ 767-52-0218

Hours: open until 20:00

Website (Japanese)

Nanao Community Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars

手打うどん雅亭What’s on the Menu: Noodles: udon and soba made with a variety of different vegetable, seafood, and pork combinations. The soups come in large bowls that fill you up for a reasonable price. The menu is in kanji, and doesn’t have pictures. I suggest the nikuudon (meat udon, pictured above) and tsukimiudon (literally “moon-viewing udon,” made with a poached egg). You can also order your noodles as a set with rice and pickled vegetables.

Quirks & Perks: Miyabi-tei has large, glowing orb lanterns that shine through the windows, inviting you inside. The dining area is a combination of raised tatami mat seating and a main floor with tables and chairs. The tables are pretty low and may knock your knees, so if you’re tall it may be more comfortable to sit on the tatami. There is enough room for a large group if you’re willing to be split up at multiple tables.

If you’re looking for an affordable and filling bowl of udon, this is the place to go.

Patricia is a second-year ALT. Prior to moving to Nanao, she managed social media for a high-end bistro in Michigan. You can usually find her at local restaurants poised over her dish with a camera. She blogs about food, among other adventures, at My Present Life.


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