A Great Summer Festival: Wajima Taisai

Hello Ishikawa JETs!

This weekend there’s a great festival being held up in Noto, the northern part of Ishikawa Prefecture.  Tomorrow (Thursday, August 22nd) through Saturday, August 24th you can go and experience some Japanese festival culture in the town of Wajima.  I’d try to explain it, but last year’s post on the event by 3rd-year JET Alex Schloss is hard to beat.  He says:

“Imagine if you will, 10 meter tall lanterns that tower over you and are carried by at least 20 to 30 strapping men (and women!). On these lanterns are children or adults playing flutes or taiko drums, filling the narrow road that you’re on with merrymaking and sonorous booming. Oftentimes, it’s not unheard of to be pressed up against a wall in a narrow street while Kiriko make their way through or to be drafted into service of carrying a kirko with a celebratory swig of Shochu or Sake.”


Sound like your cup of cha?  Then head up to Wajima Taisai this weekend (use that Cultural Furlough for something other than eating ramen, prefectural JETs!)

You can get buses from Kanazawa Station bound for Wajima Station roughly every hour from Platform 1 at Kanazawa Station starting around 7am.  The fare is approximately 2200円 (pay when you get off, just like the city buses) and it takes 1hour, 55min each way.

Good news for those of you who are the driving type – the Noto Expressway is toll-free these days!  So carpool and enjoy the scenic drive through the more rural parts of our prefecture… for free!

Safe travels – let’s enjoying summer festivals!


If you 日本語ができます, the official webpage for the event can be found here.


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