Uchinada World Kite Festival 2013

Uchinada Kite Festival Poster

Uchinada Kite Festival Poster

Go fly a kite!

Is actually Uchinada`s way of inviting you to their annual World Kite Festival 😉

This year it will be held on May 3rd & 4th (public holidays) in Golden Week on Uchinada beach.

Here is the event schedule for the main day:

May 4th (Saturday)
9:00 : Participant Reception
9:30 : Opening Ceremony & Attraction
10:00 :
– Japan Sea Kite Flying Tournament
– International Kite Flying Tournament
– Uchinada Kite Contest, Large Kite Challenge
– Sports Kite Contest
– Sports Kite Experience Lesson
– Photo Contest
15:00 : Awards Ceremony & Closing Ceremony

Last year, it was rather windy on the beach – good for kites but not so good for spectators, so dress for the weather rather than the beach 😉
There are some truly amazing kites on display, so it`s well worth a visit 😀
Let`s enjoying kites! 😉


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