To Drive the Cold Winter Away: Resource Roundup

Starting to feel the cold? It’s been a (relatively) mild winter so far, but Ishikawa snow and storms can last through March. Brace yourselves–winter’s still here.

Staying Warm

SnJ Guide to Winterizing Your Japanese Apartment

SnJ Guide to Heaters in Japan

Kerosene Heaters: How to Use Them and How to Clean and Store Them

Energy-saving Tips for Staying Warm

How to Dress for Winter

Staying Healthy and Happy

Lifehacker on Avoiding the Winter Blues

Cold Medicine in Japan

Flu Prevention from the CDC

Life Outside the Kotatsu

Driving in Winter in Japan: common sense articles from Fukuoka JET and Japan Info Swap

Upcoming Festivals and Events (Japanese)

Hakusan Snowman Festival, Feb. 8th t0 10th, 2013. If you contact the Hakusan International Association by January 31st, you can reserve a spot on a special tour bus for foreign residents and visitors. The cost of the bus tour is 1,000 yen. See the 2013 Snowman Festival Tour Flyer  for details.


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