Cooking with Koji: Cooking Class Thurs, January 24th

Foodies of Ishikawa, you’re in for a treat! Yuka Kokon is offering a class next week at Noppo kun restaurant about how to make and season foods with salt koji, an Ishikawa specialty. What is salt koji, you may ask? Koji is a trendy fermented seasoning (like miso) made of steamed rice and the same fermenting agent used in sake and soy sauce.

In this class, you will be taught how to make your own salt koji and also how to use salt koji in other recipes.

Class Information

When:  Thursday, January 24th, from 10 am to 12:30 pm.

Where:  Noppo kun Restaurant and Natural Foods Market in Nonoichi

Cost: 2,500 yen. This includes lunch!

Contact:   koji.seminar(at)

The organizer of this event is English-proficient and will be on-hand during the demonstration. Both the chef and the organizer are excited to share this little-known specialty with Ishikawa’s foreign residents, so even if you can’t attend, pass word along!

Salt Koji Cooking Seminar (ENG)


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