Kanazawa City Residents Marathon 2012

For all the runners out there 😉

The 19th Kanazawa City Residents Marathon (第19回金沢市民マラソン) will take place on November 11th this year.

The races available are: 3km, 5km, and 10km. There is no half or full marathon, despite the name. There are also family races available for families with children of elementary school age.

Race Registration

Entry Period: Now until October 5th 2012
Entry Fee: ¥2000 (+¥200 handling fee). Only one race can be entered per person.
Entry Process: You can enter online via jtbsports.jp (you need to sign in for free & search the race) or via post office furikomi money form. You can find the form in the first PDF at the bottom of the page here: http://www.fukui-sports.jp/event/detail.php?cd=221

The Event

Where: 金沢市営陸上競技場 (Kanazawa-shi-ei Rikujo-kyogi-jo)
Reception: 10 November, 10am – 5pm, and 11 November 6:30 – 7:20am.
Opening Ceremony: 7:20am
Race Start: 10km course @ 8am, 5km course @ 8:10am, 3km course for general public (not school students) 9:49am.
Time Limit (10km course only): Those runners who have not passed the 5km mark 40 minutes after the start (i.e. at 8:40am), and/or the 6.6km mark in 50 minutes, will be disqualified.

Other Information

– Runners who complete their race will receive a completion certificate
– Each runner will receive a DIY health check form, to be handed in at reception when receiving your number cards.
– There is no parking at the event, but there will be allocated parking areas for use, as well as a shuttle bus to the event (from these, presumably).
– There will be a massage tent set up for any muscular inflamation or other sprains
– The 10km race runners will be organized at the start line into blocks according to their self-predicted race completion times

Please see the official site for more information (Japanese only): http://www.kanazawa-city-marathon.jp/

So, who`s keen to “enjoying” running together? 😉

One thought on “Kanazawa City Residents Marathon 2012

  1. Sorry, I want to ask some questions. My family and I plan to stay in Ishikawa for three months from August to November 2012 for my PhD studies. I am very worried about the financial budget. I received a scholarship for 3 months was 600,000 yen, is it enough or not. I hope this blog can help answer my question


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