Uchinada Beach Party!

Saturday September 1st is the annual iJET Uchinada Beach Party. ALTs from all over the prefecture (and beyond!) gather to end their summer vacations in style. This promises to be one of the best AJET events yet, so don’t miss out! 

Beach party line-up

  Beach sports and BBQs from 2pm
  Group photos at 6pm
  Fireworks at 7pm (AJET is providing some fireworks, but you can also bring your own. Also, be safe.)
  Live music from 8pm
  DJs from 10pm

There is a huge supermarket next to the beach where you can stock up on BBQ and picnic supplies. On the beach there are some restaurants and bars with burgers and thai food. 

Transportation information and further firework/jellyfish warnings below the jump!


By Car

    Travelling from north or south, go on route 8 and take the exit for Uchinada (内灘). 
    From there it takes about 15mins to the beach. 
    There is parking on the beach for a fee, or there is a nearby supermarket with a large parking area. 
    If there are car-less JETs in your area please consider car-pooling and sharing gas and toll road charges.

By Public Transit

    From Kanazawa station take the Hokutetsu line to Uchinada. This line is under the big red torii gate at the east exit. 
    Go down the escalator and you’ll find the line on your left. 
    A one way ticket from Kanazawa to Uchinada is 310 yen. It takes about 17mins.
     Exit the station and turn left. Walk straight for 10 mins and you will hit the beach.

Last trains: 

To make last trains departing from Kanazawa Station (such as the 10:49 to Fukui or the 10:39 to Nanao) you need to catch the train from Uchinada Station at 9:45 pm

If you don’t need to connect to a last train on JR and just need to get to central Kanazawa, the last train from Uchinada is at 10:38. 


Please be safe, when letting off fireworks please be responsible; don’t injure yourself or others. 

Another word on safety:  late August and early September is the start of jellyfish season. We warn you against going in the water. Even in the shallows keep an eye out for jellyfish. 



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