Otabi Matsuri 2012

What’s better than festival floats? Elementary school kids decked out in full kabuki gear performing short plays on festival floats, of course! This weekend is Komatsu’s famous Otabi Matsuri, a celebration of Komatsu’s local history and culture. If you’re curious about kabuki but are intimidated by formal performances, this is a great chance to see short performances in a casual atmosphere (with festival food).

From My Japan Travel Guide

Hikiyama floats from the eight central towns will be on display throughout downtown Komatsu all day. The floats in Nishi-machi and Muraki-machi will host hour-long Kabuki shows twice during the afternoon. At around 4:30, all eight floats will be carried to a central location and lit up for two evening performances.  On Saturday, the first evening performance begins at 6:00. To get there, just take a right coming out of the station–the main gathering of floats will be at the intersection of the 305 and the station road.

During the day, the floats that stage the plays move around a bit. Here is a map and schedule of the performances in Japanese, as listed in a brochure. The location of each show is slightly different. Nishi-machi performances are in green and Muraki-machi performances are in blue.  Both main areas are near City Hall and will be well-signed. 

Each number corresponds to the location of a performance. Red times and locations are the evening shows.


Plays Begin


May 12



10:00 (3) 10:30 (3)
13:30 (4) located across from the station, performed near five other floats 14:30 (4) located near Rojo Park, performed near three other floats
18:00 (5) all floats, evening show 19:15 (5) all floats, evening show

 May 13

11:00 (6) 13:00 (6)
15:00 (7) 16:00 (7)
19:30 (8) 20:00 (8)

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