Holiday Greetings for Children in Tohoku

If you’re filled to the brim with holiday spirit and are looking for an outlet, Mayumi Hoshi, Professor Emeritus of Chuo University, has started a campaign to write holiday greetings to the approximately 400 children and volunteers living in temporary housing in Shichigahama Town in Miyagi Prefecture. She’s soliciting cards from all over the world, so even if you can’t write a greeting in Japanese, the thought will be appreciated by the kids who are experiencing their first holiday season in the tough post-tsunami conditions.

Cards are being accepted with no apparent deadline at the following address:

c/o Mrs. Mayumi Hoshi
Shichigahama-cho Saigai-Volunteer Center
Noyama 5-9, Yoshidahama
Shichigahama-cho, Miyagi
〒985-0802 JAPAN
ATTN: Boys and Girls

宮城県 七ヶ浜町吉田浜 字野山5‐9
七ヶ浜町 災害ボランティアセンター
星真由美様 宛

For more information, check out the JET AA post on their website,

Joanna Clark is a second-year ALT in Kahoku City. She plans to spread holiday cheer with Christmas cards and nengajō.


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