December 2011 JLPT Applications Imminently Due

If you’re thinking about testing your Japanese language skill and standardized testing mettle this December 4, don’t forget to pick up a JLPT Application Guide, available at most major bookstores (the Utsunomiya Katamachi and Kanazawa Station branches definitely carry it).

Taking the test will run you ¥6,000 for application fees* and a few minutes at the post office during working hours to complete the certified mail process. Applications must be postmarked by September 30 October 3.

*I actually ended up paying ¥500 for the Application Guide, ¥5620 for the application fee, ¥240 for registered mailing and ¥700 for a new set of ID photos, totaling ¥7,060.

UPDATE: Due to an error with the ATM machines the JLPT application deadline has been EXTENDED to Oct. 3, 2011. All applications must be postmarked by then.

Joanna Clark is a 2nd year ALT in Kahoku currently studying for the N2.


2 thoughts on “December 2011 JLPT Applications Imminently Due

  1. Due to new regulations, past exams are no longer available to the public. There are some phone applications out there that have potential sample questions and practice tests you can purchase. I’ve been using this series to study. Good luck with the test!

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