Restaurant Review: Mokuyuurin

First of all, congratulations to the Ishikawa JET Kitchen crew on the completion of an excellent resource. Whether you’re a culinary nerd or just setting out to cook on your own for the first time, I highly recommend having this recipe collection on hand.

Last Saturday's special (one of four) at Mokuyuurin: Pesto pizza with eggplant and okra.

Looking to get out of your kitchen for a delicious meal made with fresh ingredients? Hoping for a jaunt out of the city? Consider visiting Tsurugi in Hakusan City, home of Mokuyuurin.  Here you can find pasta, risotto and pizza, prepared with fresh local vegetables.  Sit at the counter on the second story to watch seasoned pizza chefs at work at a pair of handsome brick ovens below. Or sit at one of the large wooden tables located along the expansive staircase, where giant windows open onto the green of the forests outside. Expect to pay somewhere between 800 and 1400 yen for a meal. I recommend the sets – for 1380 yen you can enjoy salad, dessert and a drink in addition to the seasonal special of your choice.

Wooden architecture, huge windows, natural light and a wide open atmosphere make Mokuyuurin the perfect place to spend a quiet, rainy afternoon.

If you have time, be sure to stroll through the store up the walkway to the left. While craftsman wooden tables and chairs may be out of your price range, the young and young at heart will enjoy the extensive collection of wooden toys from around the world. And don’t forget to pick up some cedar wood chips. Kept in your drawers or closets, the fragrant scraps will help keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout the long, damp Hokuriku winter. Outside of the Mokuyuurin complex, you can stroll through Shishiku Park to the World Shishi Museum (an impression collection of shishi masks used in festivals all over Asia – admission is free!) or down the street to Shirahime Jinja, one of Ishikawa’s most renound Shinto shrines.

For more information, check out the full review, or look below.

More Information

もく遊りん食工房(Mokuyuurin Shoku Koubou)

Hours (April through December) 11:00~22:00 [last order 21:00]

Winter Hours (January through March) 11:00~21:00 [last order 20:00]

(Closed Tuesdays, and weekdays from 15:00 through 17:00)

Phone number 076-273-9501

Address 石川県白山市八幡町リ−1−6


Getting there (by train): Take the Hokutetsu Line (located across the parking lot from Nishi Kanazawa Station) to Tsurugi Station. Mokuyuurin is approximately a 30 minute walk from the station – take your time, and a map.

(by car, from Kanazawa): Head South on Highway 8, through Nonoichi. Take a left onto Highway 157. After about 10 kilometers, turn left at the 水戸町 intersection. Continue across the river to the next light, then turn right at the 新町 intersection onto 179. After approximately one kilometer, turn left across from Kaga Ichinomiya (加賀一の宮) Station (no longer in operation – but this should be the only large, T-shaped intersection in the area. Anyone with better directions is encouraged to contribute). Follow this road straight through the next light (the 八幡町 intersection), through residential areas until you run straight into the Shishi World Museum (a large building with a tiled roof and a long staircase running straight down to the road). Turn left here, and continue for about 130 meters. Mokuyuurin will be on your right – the next wooden building with a large parking lot. The restaurant is located up the front stairway, through the door to the left.


5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Mokuyuurin

  1. Short remark, the station Kaga Ichi-no-miya is not functional anymore, since November 2009. All trains stop at Tsurugi.

  2. Great place to eat Pizza; I especially lo*ve their huge table cut from a single tree. Just awesome.
    Oh, and the crafts shop just next to the restaurant is nice too !

  3. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to read this. Few things feel better than passing on inspiration. I hope you don’t mind if I check out Epikur for a few pointers, myself. Thank you so much.

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