Hokuriku Expat Kitchen – An Ishikawa Food Blog

Forgive me for the following lines of shameless self-promotion. I’m a CIR in Tsubata who happens to adore food – its cultural relevance as well as its production and consumption. A few months ago it was getting to the point where it seemed like my Facebook wall was almost nothing but photos of things I had eaten. So I decided to consolidate. I started a blog.

I try to keep my content local when I can, and particularly enjoy trying out mysterious seasonal produce – but I post everything from bento ideas to restaurant reviews, as well as recipes and stories. If you’re a fellow food enthusiast, would like guidance on cooking in Japan, or are just looking for a fun way to experience more of Ishikawa, Hokuriku Expat Kitchen is meant for you.

Look for a weekly update on my culinary adventures every Thursday, here on the Ishikawa JET Blog!

Without further ado, today’s post is a restaurant review.

Unkai (雲海) is an awesome gyoza restaurant in the hills just inland of central Tsubata. It’s a bit of a trek, even with a car, but I promise it’s worth your while. You can sample twelve unusual dumpling varieites (including curry and black sesame) as well as Chinese teas and homemade desserts, served against the backdrop of an elegantly restored 100 year old house. The owner/chef is generous and accomodating, and will gladly design a menu that fits the needs of your party. Vegetarian versions of all of the gyoza are available upon request.

Hours: 10:00 a.m.~7:00 p.m. (Closed Wednesdays) Open by reservation only

Phone Number: (076) 288-0308

Address: 石川県河北郡津幡町字上藤又ト9 (Ishikawa ken, Kahoku gun, Tsubata machi, Kamifujimata To 9)

For more information, see the full review, or visit Unkai’s webpage (Japanese only)


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