Resource: Gourmet Ishikawa

The Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism League seems to be increasing its efforts to court foreign tourists via the creation of  multilingual tourism websites:  Hot-Ishikawa started producing an English-language quarterly tourism e-newsletter (see prior link), through which I found Gourmet Ishikawa, a new multilingual resource for dining in Ishikawa. The site may be viewed in Japanese, English, Korean, or Chinese (traditional or simplified) and has great information on not just restaurants but also Japanese dining etiquette and Ishikawan food culture.

Search Function

Use Search from Map to search visually by location or Search by Category for region or type of restaurant. The content is the same in Japanese and English. The information on each restaurant includes address, map, holidays, smoking section information, and sometimes a link to a menu.

Know Japanese Food

I think that this portion of the website is an even better resource. Not only can you learn about Japanese food, but you can read about the proper ways to eat certain foods and about regional specialties. If you’ve ever wondered how to properly consume a whole fish or a piece of tempura, here is your guide! “An Introduction to Japanese Cuisine” covers the gamut of Japanese foods from tonkatsu to kaiseki. There is also information on Japanese cuisine in general, Ishikawa’s specialties, and the ingredients that make up Ishikawan cuisine.

The English on this site is very clear and easy to understand. I really like that the pronunciation and explanation are both included, and that the English site features the same content as the Japanese. This is a great resource for translators and tourists alike, and you might even see some of these dishes at your work enkai or trip to a restaurant. (Gokayama in Morimoto, for example, serves bero-bero/ebisu with the makase lunch set.)


Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu, the outgoing editor of this blog, and a culinary geek.

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