Kahoku International Festival

A day of internationalism in Kahoku. Learn more about Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea, Russia, India, USA, France and Germany through speeches, posters, pictures, flyers, maps and local foods. There will be a special exhibit on Kahoku and its sister city of 25 years, Messkirch, Germany as well as a Charity Corner to raise money for Tohoku. Children can enjoy a range of international games at the O’tanoshimi Corner on the 3rd floor.

Sunday, June 26, 2011 from 10:00 – 15:00

Kahoku City Unoke Library, 2nd Floor Exhibition Hall and 3rd Floor Music Room
Map from Unoke Station

Want to Volunteer?
Contact Kahoku CIR, Katja Schneider (cir-kahoku @ city.kahoku.ishikawa.jp), for more information about transportation and compensation.


3 thoughts on “Kahoku International Festival

  1. cir-kahoku @ city.kahoku.ishikawa.jp

    I tried to send a mail to the above mentioned mail address but it failed.
    It says the mail address is not OK.
    Can anybody let me know Katja Schneider, Kahoku CIR’s mail address.


  2. The email should work if you remove the spaces around the ‘@’ sign. Just wanted to avoid Katja receiving mail from spambots. I hope that works!

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