Ishikawa Art Journal: Call for Submissions!

This guest post is from Creighton Hofeditz, ALT:

Hi everyone,

Over my two years in Ishikawa, I have continually been impressed at the secret reserves of creativity and artistry present in the JET and larger expat community.  Whether from a professional or an amateur background, the level of art I’ve seen from different sources is pretty astounding, and it’s been cool to see the degree to which that artistry has reflected the experience of living in Japan.

Inspired by the tsunami fundraising ideas of a couple other people in the local and national community, I would like to announce that I’m opening submissions for an Ishikawa Art Journal (working title).  The idea is to produce a collection of poems, drawings, essays, paintings, photos, fiction, and whatever else you can come up with that best represents your reaction to and relationship with Japan.  It can be about the Tohoku disaster, but it doesn’t have to be.  The collection will then be put up for sale to ourselves and to any interested friends and family at a reasonable price but one that allows us to donate all proceeds to the relief efforts.

I’ve been researching production options and pricing, and if it becomes too expensive it could perhaps be released as an ebook, but I think the current ideal option would be a book and companion CD for pictures, sounds, and even video.  I will update you as soon as I know more details about that.  Also, the form and size of the collection will be determined by your submissions.

For now, please submit as much or as little of anything you want.  I think we should be able to accomodate two pieces in different media (one poem and one photo, or one statistics-based essay and one rap song, for example) from each person.  Above that minimum, I’m thinking I’ll form a group of people to help anonymously evaluate especially good submissions from prolific people.  If you’d like to be one of those people, let me know.  Again, that progression will be determined by submissions and space limitations (obviously less on the CD).  The more the better!  Our community certainly extends beyond JET, so if you know people who might be interested, feel free to pass on the information and tell them to email submissions to:

creightonshofeditz AT gmail DOT com

Signed or anonymous is ok, as is Japanese or English (though translations for the Japanese would probably be best as this will be primarily directed at English speakers).

I think this could be a really nice way to represent and share our impressions of Japan with each other, and will be a wonderful memento for everyone as well.  Please direct any questions or concerns my way, and I’ll update this information when it makes sense.  The submission deadline is JUNE 5TH.  Thank you in advance for all your work!


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