Kanazawa City Chamber Orchestra Concert

Kanazawa Chamber Orchestra

Kanazawa Chamber Orchestra

This information comes from Ishikawa JET Rachel D.:

The Kanazawa City Chamber Orchestra is going be performing in Kanazawa on June 11th and I would love to have the JET community come and enjoy some of the great pieces we are playing! I will be playing in the concert as well and I would appreciate your support!

When: June 11th (Sat)    7:00pm (6:30pm doors open)
Where:  Kanazawa City Cultural Hall  15-1 Takaoka-machi
Tickets: 1000yen each
Program: Light Cavalry (Suppe)
Piano Concerto 23 (Mozart)
Symphony 3 (Brahms)

If you are interested in classical music or you would like to support all of the amazing musicians that have been working hard for months to put on this concert, please attend!

If you are interested in attending tickets are available via ticket box office (see flyer above for more information) or alternatively, you can purchase them from me directly if you are in the Kanazawa area. I would be happy to arrange a time to meet up and make the transaction in person.

If you take a bus, you can access the Bunka Hooru by getting off at Minami-cho and walking for about 2 minutes. It is near Oyama Shrine.

If you would like more information, or would like to purchase tickets, please e-mail me at choco_rei_chan AT hotmail DOT com

Also, please spread the word to your friends and co-workers and let’s bring the community together to enjoy great music!

Thank you very much and I hope to see you there!



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