Otabi Matsuri 2011

Komatsu’s annual Otabi Matsuri (お旅祭り), one of the three largest festivals in Ishikawa, features children performing kabuki on portable shrines called hikiyama (曳山). This year’s festival will be held from 13-16 May 2011 (Friday – Monday)

From the Otabi Matsuri website.

Perfomance Schedule
The kabuki performances will be held at Daimonji-machi (大門字町) and Kyoumachi (京町).

Daimonji-machi: performing Dondoro Daishi no Ba and Keisei Awa no Naruto

Kyoumachi: perfoming Otoko no Hanamichi

Map of Performances (numbered)


The festival takes place in front of Komatsu Station (小松駅); the grounds (会場) start at the Komatsu Performing Arts Center Urara (小松芸術劇場うらら) and include Ubashi Jinja (莵橋神社), Moto-ori Hiyoshi Jinja (本折日吉神社), the Kyoumachi intersection (京町交差点). Urara is about a 15 minute walk from Komatsu Station.

Access Map (Japanese)

Paid parking is in light blue (有料). Free parking for 5/14 is in pink (無料).

Streets closed to traffic (交通止め) (see lower left) are marked in orange and green.

Places where the hikiyama will be are marked with yellow circles.

Websites (Japanese) (English)

The English site is just information on the history and basic contents of the festival.

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