Are you ready for some Kanazawa football?

Photo Courtesy of Kanazawa Weissenberg Web site

And I’m talking real AMERICAN football. You know, the one where the ball doesn’t come into contact with your foot (except for the kicker, but we don’t really pay attention to him). Well now you can see it live this Saturday thanks to the Kanazawa Weissenberg.

Kanazawa’s club American football team, the Kanazawa Weissenberg will be playing against the Kanazawa University Evergreens for the Welcome Bowl this weekend at Kanazawa University. Kick-off is at 1:00 p.m. at the Kakuma Campus Rugby Field (map here). Volunteers will also be taking donations for the Japan Red Cross during the game, so show your appreciation and donate to a good cause.

As an American, one of the things I miss about home is seeing a football game live. If you’re like me this could be a great way to shake off any homesickness you’ve been feeling lately. Non-American ALTs will also enjoy checking out the sport that makes most Americans not like soccer. Want to learn more about the Kanazawa Weissenberg? Check out their  Web site (all in Japanese) here.

Melanie is an ALT in Kahoku-shi who loves football and all the other stereotypes that come to mind when you think of Americans.


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