Charity Fundraiser: Open Mic Night at Apre

This post is by Megan Lam, Charity Representative.

The date has been changed to Friday, 15 April!

Hope you are all enjoying spring break or already had some time off! It is finally SPRING and we’ll get to see the sakura come out soon. NEXT weekend is the Daishoji hanami and AJET would like to kick off the weekend with a chill open mic event Friday night at Apre.

We were waiting on Apre’s response and finally got the okay this weekend. We will be holding a charity fundraiser to support the AJET Relief Fund and Red Cross of Japan. We will be splitting the donations between the two charities.

Performers: Anyone is welcome to perform! This time it will be more low-key, so we won’t have a set schedule, but we would appreciate if you could e-mail us to let us know if you are interested. Please invite your friends to come perform as well!

Donations: An anonymous donor will be MATCHING however much is collected during the event up to 100,000 yen!!! Every bit counts and every yen will go towards charity for the Japan disaster relief.

Hope you can all make it this Friday.

AJET Open Mic Charity Fundraiser
Donations collected for AJET Relief Fund and Red Cross Japan

Date: April 15, 2011
Time: 9PM-11PM
Location: APRE in Katamachi
Performances: OPEN to everyone. We will have some music playing as well in between performances.


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