16th Annual Kanazawa Green Walk

This guest post is by Sophie, a CIR in Kanazawa.

The annual Kanazawa Green Walk is coming up again!!

Courses: this year for the first time there will be 4 walking courses:
-A: Saigawa walking course, about 5km
-B: Kanazawa’s 3 famous writers course: about 9km
-C: Yuwaku Yuzu-no-Michi course: about 15km
-And new this year: D: Enjoy Yuwaku Onsen Course: 15km + 5km
Basically, you do course C on April 29th, you spend the night at Yuwaku Onsen (湯涌温泉), and on April 30th, you walk 5 more kilometers.

What day: April 29th (Friday, a holiday) for courses A through C,
April 29th (Fri) AND 30th (Sat) for course D

What time: you need to register between 7:30 and 8:20; at 8:30 there will be a short ceremony followed by group gymnastics; and at 9:00 you start walking.

For courses A and B you need to be back at the starting point by 16:00.
For courses C and D you need to be at Yuwaku Onsen by 15:00.
(Please note that for course C and D you need to arrange your own transportation to get back from Yuwaku Onsen. There are buses out there.)

Where: it all starts at the Kanazawa castle grounds Shin-Maru Hiroba (if you enter through the Ishikawa-mon gate [石川門] you will see signs to the exact spot)

Other than set starting time and place you are totally free! You walk at your own pace, you can stop for a snack or a drink on the way or bring your own picnic, basically you enjoy yourself while walking around Kanazawa!

Price: 500 yen per person for courses A through C; 13,250 yen for course D

How to participate: you need to apply for this through the Citizen’s Sports Section of Kanazawa City Hall (金沢市役所) (4th floor, next to the International Section)
Either way you come here in person, or you fill out an application form and send it to them by post. You can find those at all sport-related facilities or citizen’s centers in Kanazawa.

Please check this Japanese website for more information:

Application deadline is Monday, April 11th!

I will definitely be there, so let me know when you decide to join!
I can help you out with the application if necessary.


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