Disaster Relief Volunteer Registration

This information comes to us from Rohan, CIR PA.

If you are interested in registering yourself as a ‘disaster relief volunteer’ through Ishikawa Prefecture, you can do so by sending your information to npo[AT]pref[DOT]ishikawa[DOT]lg[DOT]jp OR fax it to 076-225-1363.

Your information must include the following details:

Your name, address, telephone number and the duration in which you can help with the aid & relief efforts. Please make a mention of your Japanese language level, too.

Please remember that the situation in the affected areas is still far from normal and it will be some time before the local administration or NPOs start accepting volunteers from outside. You may not get a chance to volunteer in spite of your registration, as volunteers will be selected based on the requirements of the affected areas.

You can find the updated information on: http://www.pref.ishikawa.lg.jp/kenmin/saigai/vol.html


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