JAT Creating List of Volunteer Translators/Interpreters for Earthquake Aftermath

This information comes to us from Anne, a former Ishikawa ALT.

The Japanese Association of Translators (JAT) is assembling a list of volunteer interpreters to help in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami disaster.
If you need an interpreter for your rescue, relief, aid or other organization, please contact someone on this list.
If you can volunteer as an interpreter, please contact webmaster@jat.org to have your name added to the list. Include the following information:

1. Full name
2. Address
3. Language pairs
4. Phone number
5. Mobile phone number
6. Skype name (if you have one)
7. Other means of communication, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
8. Extent to which you can help. (travel, tele-interpreting, etc.)
9. Any other information you feel would be useful.

Facebook page.




1. 姓名
2. 住所
3. 言語 (和英、英和等)
4. 電話番号
5. 携帯番号
6. スカイプのユーサー名
7. 他の通信手段
8. どれほど助けれる (テレ通訳、旅行の可能性)
9. 他の役に立つ情報

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