How to Donate to the Red Cross in Japan

Red Cross Japan is 日本赤十字社 (nihon sekijuujisha).

This information comes to us from Megan Lam, our charity representative:

In case you are in Japan and you want to donate but don’t know how, Family Mart convenience stores will have a machine near the door where you can choose to donate to a charity of choice.

1) Look for 寄金 (kikin) or 寄付 (kifu) and press that button.

2) It will go to a page with various charities. Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, etc. Choose one (I’m not sure if there’s an option to do multiple donations, so you may have to do the process again if you want to do more than one)

3) Choose the amount you want to donate (500yen, 1000yen, etc).

4) A receipt will come out at the bottom.

5) Take the receipt to the cash register and pay them there.

From Leah Zoller, editor:
If you prefer to donate via your bank account, you can make a transfer to Red Cross Japan there. Hokkoku Ginkou does not have English support for transfers, but here’s how to do it. (There is a great general pictorial guide on Surviving in Japan if you are unused to the process.) If you know how to do a transfer, just scroll down for the bank information.

1. Click 振り込み (furikomi, transfer.)

2. If you using cash (as in sticking money into the machine, not from your account), click 現金 (genkin); if you want to transfer from your account/cash card, click キャッシュカード (kyasshu kaado). You will be asked if this is a transfer account you have registered; if you have not registered Red Cross, you will need to do so. Click the button with 新振込先 (new transfer recipient) or the one with 初めて next to it (first time transfer).

3. Put in your PIN.

4. お振込先 (ofurikomi-saki, recipient). Enter the name of the bank, the branch, and the account type.

This is not Hokkoku Bank, so select その他 (sono hoka, other) and then 銀行 (ginkou, bank). You will need to search by kana for the name of the bank first (ミ for Mizuho, for example). If you don’t see the bank you want, click その他 again. Mizuho was on the second page for me.

After you find the correct bank, search for the branch (支店名, shitenmei) by kana, then select the type of account (usually 普通, hutsuu, regular) and type in the account number (口座番号, kouza bangou)

This information is here, but the site is down. LUCKILY, I copied the information earlier! All of these accounts are for the Red Cross.

Japan Post
口座番号 (Account number):00110-2-5606
口座名義 (Recipient):日本赤十字社 (nihon sekijuujisha)

Mizuho: みずほ銀行:新橋中央支店 (普)1032121 (Mizuho Ginkou; Shinbashi Chuuou Branch, regular account)
Mitsubishi: 三菱東京UFJ銀行:東京公務部 (普)0000302 (Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ginkou, Toukyou koumubu, regular account)
Mitsui: 三井住友銀行:銀座支店 (普)7176649 (Mitsui Sumitomo Ginkou; Ginza branch; regular account)

Rakuten: 天銀行:マーチ支店 (普)7009729 (Rakuten Ginkou Maachi branch, regular account–this is an online bank)

As you enter more information and the ATM has time to think, the recipient’s name should pop up in katakana. The Japanese Red Cross is ニホンセキジュウジシャ (nihon sekijuujisha). Be sure this is correct!!

5. Enter your phone number (denwa bangou, 電話番号). You may be asked to confirm your name, too (振込人名, furikomijinmei).

6. Press 振込金額 (furikomi kingaku, transfer amount), and enter the amount you want to donate–this looks like your withdrawal screen.

7. If all the info is correct, hit the confirm (kakunin, 確認) button. You will receive a receipt for this.


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