Miyagi Earthquake

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Live updates from CNN are here.

An earthquake hit Miyagi Prefecture today (3/11) at 2:46 pm and measured 8.8 on the Richter scale (Sanspo had the first update.) (The original magnitude was measured at 7.9 but this has been updated.) This follows a 7.3 earthquake in Miyagi on Thursday.

Here’s a map in English courtesy of the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Japan Metoerological Agency

There are tsunami warnings for the coast of Miyagi, and waves may reach 6 m (20ft). There have been aftershocks felt in Iwate prefecture and meter-high waves observed in Fukushima prefecture (source). There is severe flooding in Miyagi. Tokyo also felt the earthquake and the fire department has been dispatched to deal with a fire in Odaibu. Narita and Haneda Airports are closed. There is a blackout in northeastern Japan.

As for Ishikawa, the earthquake measured 1 in the Noto and 2 south of Hakui according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. Other than some slightly nauseating shaking at the Anamizu Town Hall, we appear to be okay.

Readers, could you please comment and let us know if you’re okay, too?



17 thoughts on “Miyagi Earthquake

  1. Hi, I was a JET in Karakuwa 1992-1994. How is Kesennuma, Karakuwa, Kitakami, Motoyoshi, and Tome-gun? There are a lot of alumni that are watching this worldwide and we feel sick about what is going on. Miyagi was a second home. If you can keep us informed, we would be very grateful, and stay safe!


  2. Yet another Karakuwa JET from 2001-2 here. It’s awful hearing all the bad news from surrounding areas and having no news about the people I knew in Karakuwa. I’m hoping that there was enough warning for most people in Karakuwa to get to the high areas- I’ve heard they had 10 minutes. I’m taking comfort from the fact that the two Karakuwa schools I taught at were quite high up, but from what I recall the Koharagi schools were lower. I’ve had no luck finding people from the google people finder.

    It’s horrible to think that even if people were lucky and survived, they will still be going through a dreadful time.

    Please do keep us updated- its much appreciated.

  3. Yvette – this is Wayne – I was the JET in Utatsu (now part of Minami Sanriku) when you were in Kesennuma. We hung out in San Francisco for a bit when we moved back to the States, and then I moved to Boston and did a poor job of keeping in touch. This has been horrible to watch, and to feel so useless. If you check back in here, I’d like to be in touch – I’m the only Wayne Beitler in the phone book in Boston, and my e-mail is wbeitler@ttor.org. I hope you’re well, and my thoughts and prayers (and Red Cross donations) are with the people in Japan.

  4. Hey guys,
    I was the Karakuwa ALT between 08/09 and my successor (current ALT there) posted on facebook that he was ok and staying at the shelter set up at Karakuwa JHS. He hasn’t posted again since last week but the fact that he’s safe is a good sign. I’ve tried calling Baba san a few times but haven’t been able to get through. Will update you as I find things out.

  5. I just checked the JET homepage and he’s now listed as missing again as they haven’t been able to make contact with him since immediately after the earthquake. Fingers crossed he is ok as is everyone else in Karakuwa. Route 45 has finally been cleared from Karakuwa to Kesennuma so news should start to come from there soon.

  6. Have just found out that all Karakuwa students and teachers and Baba san and family are all fine. Yay!

  7. This seems to be the page where all the ex-Karakuwa JETs are finding information… I wonder if we can do something directly for Karakuwa/Koharagi. Sounds like Nadine has the best line of information in.

    Here, I’ll set up a Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/ex-karakuwa-jets Maybe we can figure out a way to do something specific for our town.

  8. Hey Nadine, can you define ‘Karakuwa students’? Is that just the junior high, both junior and elementary? Including Nakai and Koharagi?

  9. I am sending a message to the science teacher at Kesennumashiritsu Karakuwa Junior High School; Toyama, Atshushi. He stayed in my home in Lyme, Connecticut last spring when he came to the United States on the Fulbright-US Teacher exchange. My family and I are hoping he is well and send our thoughts to him and all the residents of Miyagi Prefecture and Japan. Please let me know how you are if it is possible. Helen

  10. Hey guys, sorry I haven’t checked this page for a while. I’ve heard that all Karakuwa students – middle school and elementary school, Nakai and Koharagi chu and sho are all ok. Many many of them have lost their houses it seems and are living at school but all are safe. I heard there are about 50 people staying kara-chu and more at koharagi-chu but they are planning to start school on the 21st. I’m currently organising a fundraiser and am hoping to donate the money directly to Karakuwa but haven’t quite worked out exactly how to do that yet. Toyama sensei is safe Helen.

  11. To all the people of the North east my thoughts are with you, i lived in fuji sawa for 4 years and know Kesenuma well and most of the northern towns on that coast and my heart broke when i watched them being destroyed

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