Nonoichi Camellia Festival 2011

The “2011 Flowers and Greenery: Nonoichi Camellia Festival ” (花と緑ののいち椿まつり2011) welcomes the spring by celebrating the end of tsubaki season.

The festival will be held on Sat., 19 March 2011, from 9:00-17:00, and Sun., 20 March 2011, from 9:00-16:00 at Forte (フォルテ).

I attended this festival last year, and it has a great atmosphere. There’s a variety of delicious foods–homemade jams, sekihan, camellia manju. The ikebana (生け花) exhibit showed a variety of gorgeous and creative arrangements that showed the dynamic range of the camellia. I participated in the origami activities, too, and made some decorations for my rather spare apartment.

If you come out to Nonoichi, you can also go to JoAnn Bakery, the Nonoichi BookOff, Second Street, Noppo-kun, and a variety of boutiques, so make a day of it and celebrate the end of winter!


Nonoichi Town Cultural Center “Forte”

Public Transit
From Kanazawa Station:
Go to east exit (東口) bus stop #9, take either the #40 toward 南松任 Minami Matto or the #41 toward Chiyono New Town (千代野ニュータウン) or Terai Public Office (寺井庁舎前).  Get off at Taiheji (太平寺). Takes 30 minutes, 340 yen. Forte is a one minute walk from Taiheji (太平寺). Bus schedules here.

From the JR Nonoichi Station:
Exit the JR Nonoichi Station via the South Exit (南口)
and take the green Notti bus #25. Takes 13 minutes, 100 yen.

From the Hokuriku Ishikawa Line (北陸鉄道石川線):
Get off at Koudai-mae Station 工大前駅 and take the red Notti bus #26. Takes 13 minutes, 100 yen.

Cost: Free!

Website: Nonoichi Town Website includes a map (Japanese)

2010 post on the camellia festival.

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. Nonoichi is one of her favorite places to eat.


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