Lupicia Tea’s 6th Annual Darjeeling Festival

If you’ve ever been to Lupicia Tea, you know just how many varieties of tea they have. What if you could sample them all–and for free? Now’s your chance! This June, the Lupicia Darjeeling Festival is coming to Kanazawa!

The event will take place on Sat., 18 June 2011, and Sun., 19 June 2011, from 9:00-17:00 both days. (Last entry at 16:30.) This event is NOT at the Lupicia store in Forus, but at the Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Center. See access information below for details.

Basically, you register for a date and entry time, and then you can sample all the tea you want for free. The application is in Japanese, but it’s pretty straight-forward, and, of course, you can always ask your friendly neighborhood bilinguals for help!

Sign up for Kanazawa event (Japanese).

There will also be events in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okayama, Yamagata, and Sapporo, so if you’ll be in those areas, you can sign up for the events there, too. However, if you have a point-card with Lupicia, you cannot use it at locations other than the one where you got the card, so be warned.

I went to a similar event, the Lupicia Le Grand Marche de Thes in September in Nagoya, and it was a blast. Plus, the information cards about the tea are usually bilingual, so even if you don’t speak Japanese well, you can still have fun trying and buying tea. If you buy at least 3,000 yen worth of tea, you can sign up for the monthly magazine, which includes tea samples!*



〒920-0361 金沢市袋畠町南193番地
石川県立産業展示館, 3号館
920-0361 Kanazawa Fukurobatake-machi Minami 193
Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Center, Building 3

By car
This is near the Kanazawa-nishi (金沢西) exit on the Hokurikuu Expressway/8.

Public transit

From Kanazawa Station

  • Take the Hokutetsu bus (北鉄バス) bound for Shimoyasuhara (下安原) and get off at Fukurobatake-machi Nishi-bu Riku-chi Kouen (袋畠町西部緑地公園); 5-min. walk.
  • OR, take the Hokutetsu bus (北鉄バス) bound for Saiseikai Byouin (済生会病院)、and get off at Nishi-bu Ryokuchi Kouen (西部緑地公園). 15 minutes by taxi.
  • Lupicia’s website (Japanese) (English–this site is for the US Branch, but you can read about the teas in English)


    *You’ll receive vouchers when you purchase tea; turn these in at the front desk and fill out the (Japanese) forms to sign up.

    Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. She has traded in her point card at Lupicia for a discount card. Ponder how much that is in tea.


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