Help Plan Open Mic Night for the Make-A-Wish Japan!

This guest post is by Megan Lam, AJET Charity Rep.


Please pencil in Saturday, February 26, from 2PM-4PM for our first ever Open Mic event! This is going to be a charity event to support Make-A-Wish Japan by promoting the charity and collecting donations during the performances. Seattle’s Best is going to let us use the space for FREE as long as each guest purchases a coffee drink or coffee alternative. They have a lot of delicious teas, blended drinks, juice, espresso drinks, etc.

Also, this event is OPEN to everyone and will be family friendly.

We have a lot of great performers who have volunteered to do an act at the Open Mic, so the first hour will be a set schedule featuring acoustic guitar, song, poetry reading, spoken word and even stand-up comedy! If you are interested in performing, we have a whole second hour open to the audience!

So please come watch, support your friends and, if you feel like sharing expressing yourself, perform a 1-10 minute act!


Advertising: This weekend or early next week

Please contact Joanna or me if you can help putting up posters in the Kanazawa area or your area.

Planning Meeting: February 19th, 4:30PM-6:30PM at Seattle’s Best Coffee in Katamachi

We are still looking for help with the event and will be meeting a week before at the venue to go over all the details. If you can help we would really appreciate it. Please e-mail me and let me know if there’s anything specific you would like to help with. Volunteer tasks include collecting donations, signing up new performers, set-up and tear down, answering questions about the event, etc.

e-Mail: meganlam85[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Performers: Everyone is welcome to perform! It’s not too late to sign up even on the day of the event. There will be a short disclaimer to sign, which will basically ask you to be professional, please be sober and dressed appropriately, and to avoid vulgarities/obscenities. It is a family-friendly environment. Performers can perform more than once if there is an open slot.

Guests: Everyone is welcome to come watch. It’s a FREE event, but each guest must buy at least ONE BEVERAGE. There are a lot of coffee drinks and coffee alternatives.

Open Mic: A Live Performance Event
Acoustic Performance, Poetry Reading, Stand-Up Comedy and more!
Date: Saturday, February 26th, 2011
Time: 2PM-4PM
Location: Seattle’s Best Coffee (Kanazawa Chuo store, connected to the APA Hotel in KATAMACHI)
Admission: FREE with purchase of a Seattle’s Best Coffee beverage (Coffee or coffee alternative)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come watch or perform! This will be a family friendly environment with performances such as acoustic guitar, poetry reading, stand-up comedy, song and spoken word. This event is not only about showcasing talent in Ishikawa, but also about supporting dreams and passions of all people. So, please also support us in donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Japan, an organization that helps make the dreams of small children possible. Here’s their website:


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