February 2011 Kanazawa Architectural Tour

Miss the last Kanazawa Architectural Tour? Check out this one on Feb. 11! Guest post by Caroline, an ALT in Kanazawa

Architecture Tour 2: Friday 11th February, 1-4pm, 3000yen

For those of you that are sticking around for the long weekend, why not join this tour? It may be your last chance (for a while at least).

On this tour we explore relationship between architecture and tea ceremony, visiting the house of an Ohi-yaki ceramic artist and old town houses in Kanazawa. We will experience the atmosphere of Japanese tea ceremony in traditional buildings.

Kanchi MIYAZAKI’s House and studio
Kanchi Miyazaki hand-makes the traditional metal pots used for heating water in tea ceremony.

Ohi Chozaemon House/ Ohi Museum

This family has made Ohi-yaki ware (cups traditionally used in tea ceremony) in Kanazawa for many generations.

Friday, 11
February,  2011, 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Meeting place
Kanazawa Art Gummi (on the third floor of Omicho Market, Kanazawa)

Finishing point
Ohi Museum

Toshio OHI

Building to visit
Kanchi MIYAZAKI’s House and studio
Ohi Chozaemon / Ohi Museum

Masao MIZUNO(A member of Kanazawa Creative Tourism Committee)

3,000JPY(Fee also covers Admission fees and Japanese tea.)

10(Booking taken in English or Japanese by phone or email, required on a first-come and first-served basis.)

The tour has English support.

Tel: 076-225-7780
Mail: info AT artgummi DOT com


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