Fukumitsu-ya Sake Brewery Tour 2011

Thanks to Travis for organizing this and for the information!
Fukumitsu-ya Sake Brewery Tour
Episode V: The Drunks Strike Back

For the second time, the lovely folks at Fukumitsu-ya(福光屋) Sake Brewery will be having us for a tour of their facilities. If you talk to anyone who came the year before, this was one of the highlights of the JET calendar last year.

What this event entails:

Starting at 2pm Saturday March 19th (you have plenty of time to mark your calendar) we will be given a tour of their facilities and have a guide explain the inner workings of a sake brewery. After the tour, there will be a free sake tasting where you can try a large variety of sake and ask questions of the brewery.

The tour and tasting are FREE. Yes, believe it or not, they are letting us drink their finest sake for FREE. If this year is anything like last year you will be able to taste anything from the Fukumitsu-ya normal brand sakes up to their top shelf sakes that can range 200USD a bottle.

This event is open to all JETS and friends of JETS, the only thing that is needed is that you send me (Travis) an email at aoishinobi[AT]gmail[DOT]com before the tour to give me a count on how many people will be participating in the tour. We can not tell the brewery that only 10 people are coming, and have 20 people show up!!!

They need time to prepare for large groups, so don’t forget to email me.

Directions will also be sent out to everyone who reply by email. So its important that you email me if you are going, if you are unfamiliar with Kanazawa I will also be meeting people at the station before hand.  The area where the Brewery is is not very accessible by car and parking is nonexistent.  Besides, you can’t drink and drive, and lots of drinking will most likely occur.

Lets get our sake on!!!!



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