OEK Spring Special Concert: The World of Joe Hisaishi

OEK Special Spring Concert: The World of Joe Hisaishi

OEK スプリング・スペシャルコンサート:久石 譲の世界

Joe Hisashi (久石 譲), the legendary composer of film soundtracks, most notably those of anime director Hayao Miyazaki’s films, will be performing with the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa (OEK) on Monday, 28 March 2011 at 7 pm at the Kanazawa Music Hall (金沢音楽堂).

This concert will feature instrumental music, including that of Vivaldi, Grieg, Sibelius, and Saint-Saëns as well as Hisaishi’s own work, including music from the Oscar-winning film Departures (「おくりびと」), Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

This event is one night only and tickets are on sale now. Don’t miss this opportunity!


B-seats: 3000 yen

A-seats: 4000 yen

S-seats 5000 yen


Kanazawa Music Hall Ticket Box. (076) 232-8111 (available till sold out or March 23, 2011, at 5 pm). Located at the Kanazawa Music hall.

Ticket PIA (Circle K, Sunkus, 7-11), P-code 128-805


Kanazawa Music Hall is located by the East Exit (東口) of Kanazawa Station (金沢駅), about a minute’s walk to the right after exiting the station. Map.


Information from OEK’s official website

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. She is a long-time fan of Hisaishi–in fact, her first paypal purchase was to buy the Porco Rosso soundtrack.

As a writer and editor at the Ishikawa JET blog, I was proactive in increasing the quality and scope of the content, and my posts on daily living and Japanese study have received the most hits on the blog.

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