English and French Lessons in Nagoya

This guest post is by Sophie, the Belgian CIR in Kanazawa.
A friend of mine recently opened her own language school in Nagoya. It’s still small and she’s the only teacher. Since she doesn’t have a web page yet, she is asking her friends to do some publicity by word of mouth. So if you have friends in the Nagoya area, please pass them the information below!!
A big thanks in advance!!

Office J&H
B233-2 Shin Nagoya Center Bldg., 1-1 Ibuka-cho,
Nakamura ku, Nagoya 453-0012 Japan

Tel : 090-2925-3421
E-mail : vero2929 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
vero2929 [AT] softbank [DOT] ne [DOT] jp

453-0012 名古屋市中村区井深町1-1新名古屋センタービルB233-2

A private French lesson costs 4500 yen, a private English one 4000 yen.
Group lessons French and English are 10.000 yen per month (4 times 1 hour/month).
Group lessons are 2 to 5 students.

There is no registration fee. Students have to buy a textbook, but all other material will be provided by Veronique.

If you’re interested, please contact her, so you can arrange a first free lesson!


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