Lacquer Tour in Kanazawa

This guest post is by Caroline, an ALT in  Kanazawa.

Hello All,

Happy New Year. I hope every one had a wonderful time over the holidays. I know its not the best time to be in Ishikawa, so why not take part in this event to beat those post vacation blues?

Kanazawa Creative Tourism Project organises tours of Kanazawa that allow us experience the city’s creative side and visit places usually inaccessible to tourists.

This tour  is focusing on urushi (漆), or lacquer. Ishikawa-ken is well know for its lacquer-ware.

Date: Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time: 13:0016:00

Cost: 2000 yen

Meeting Place: Art Gummi, 3rd floor Omicho market (近江町市場)

Capacity: 12 ONLY! Booking necessary

The tour will visit the studio of Nobuyuki Tanaka, a contemporary sculptor who works in lacquer. He is from Tokyo and currently teaches at Kanazawa University of Art. If you click on this link and scroll down past the Japanese, you can see pictures of his pieces.

The second site that will be visited is the Takano Lacquer Shop near Oyama Jinja (尾山神社). This shop sells the actual material of lacquer and not lacquer-ware products (such as bowls, etc.) You can see first hand how lacquer is made from raw materials.

The guides for this tour will be ‘contemporary cultural commentator’ Ren Fukuzumi from Tokyo and Meruro Washida, the curator at the 21st Century Museum. There will be English interpretation by Mr Washida and possibily me.

Bookings are taken in English or Japanese.

Phone: 076-225-7780

Email: tour (AT) artgummi (DOT) com




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