Shiramine Yukidaruma (Snowman) Festival 2011

Thanks to CIR PA Rohan for the information!

Come to the 2011 Snowman Festival in Shiramine (白峰雪だるま祭り) with the Hakusan International Association (HIA)!

Photo by Leah Zoller

On Friday, 4 Feb. 2011, HIA will host a multilingual tour of the Shiramine Yukidaruma Festival. This is the 22nd year of the festival; about 2000 snowmen (and snowwomen and Pikachus) will be light up at night in the village of Shiramine, which is located at the base of Mt. Hakusan. There will be hot local food and drinks.

Although you’ll have to take a half-day (or whole day) off for this festival, it’s worth it! Each villager is responsible for making his or her own snow sculpture, and, last year, they were wonderfully creative and fun. Due to the date and the remoteness of the village, this is an exclusive chance to experience Ishikawan culture and be able to enjoy the snow we all complain about!

Photo by Leah Zoller

The participation fee is 500 yen, which includes transportation to Shiramine from Kanazawa, Hakusan, or Tsurugi, and insurance.

The festival tour is limited to 35 people, so click below for the contact information!

Deadline 26 January 2011

Contact Ms. Keiko UNO to sign up:

Email: k-uno (AT) city (DOT) hakusan (DOT) lg (DOT) jp

Phone: 076-274-9520(at HIA) (9:00-17:00)

Fax:  076-274-9546

Please bring money (for the food stalls); a towel and 400 yen if you would like to use the onsen (optional). Please wear your warmest clothes and boots (no sneakers!).

Bus Schedule

Friday, 4 Feb. 2011

13:30 Rifare (リファーレ) (Also stops at Korinbo [香林坊] and Izumigaoka Koukou Mae [泉ヶ丘高校前])

14:00 Hakusan International Salon (白山市国際交流サロン) (near JR Mattou Station [JR松任駅])

14:20 Tsurugi Crane Hall (白山市鶴来総合文化会館クレイン)

15:20 Arrive at Shiramine; free time

18:00 Meet at Shiramine Community Center and depart for Rifare via Tsurugi and Matto

19:30 Arrive at Rifare


Hot-Ishikawa (English)

Ishikawa JET Blog post on the 2010 Yukidaruma Festival (English)

Hakusan City Website (Japanese)

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. She recommends wearing wool socks to this festival.


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