Noto Wakura Manyo-no-Sato Marathon 2011

This information comes to us from Karen, an ALT in Nanao.

There is a marathon/10K run happening in Nanao on Sunday, March 13th, 2011. The Noto Wakura Manyo-no-Sato Marathon (登和倉万葉の里マラソン) is a great event with a good atmosphere. More importantly, you can enjoy a bath at one of the famous Wakura Onsen hotels for about 300 yen after finishing the race! Also, you can eat delicious oysters cooked in a million different ways–or other food if you don’t like oysters.

The 10k costs 3000 yen and starts at 11:10 am. The full marathon costs 5000 yen and starts at 10 am. (The 5k and the 1.4 k are limited to primary- and secondary school students.)

The application is due by December 24th. There are paper applications available at the Nanao City Hall (七尾市役所) and at the city- and town halls throughout Ishikawa prefecture, or you can apply online at

Official website (Japanese)

There is an English guide (not application) from 2010 here (pdf) if you would like the basic information from last year.


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