Join the Osugi Musical Theatre!

Interested in participating in local theatre? See below for details!

The Osugi Musical Theatre, based in Komatsu,  was founded in 1995 by 1987-88 Kanazawa ALT Gart T. Westerhout to produce original musical theatre at the community level. We also give family concerts, which are made up mostly of songs from our shows. Children and adults act in our shows, which are based on Japanese folklore, history, and theatre. Harmony is our goal, not only in our music but within our theatre family, our community, and beyond. All of our cast and staff are volunteers (including the director). We have a core staff of about 10 people, and our cast size generally ranges  from 5 to 30. (Nov. 14 we gave a gala performance with cast and chorus of 260 strong!)

Our shows are performed in Japanese. We have done 275 performances to date, including two tours to the US, one to England, and one to Austria. For our overseas performances we add narration, bilingual songs, and some supertitles in the local language.  In 2003 OMT was awarded the top Ishikawa Prefecture prize for community development, and in 2004 received the General Affairs Minister’s community development award from the national government.

We always welcome new members, and would be very happy to welcome folks from the JET program to our cast and staff. We have had participation by JETs several times over the years, and it has been a positive experience for all. We are now planning to perform a new musical based on the Japanese comic kyogen tradition in spring or summer 2011 in Komatsu’s sister city Gateshead, England, as well as in London. We will of course put the show on locally as well, and welcome folks whether or not  they will be able to travel overseas.

December 18 at 7 pm we will hold our annual Christmas Concert at Saienji, a former temple in Komatsu that is now a hot spring and restaurant. It is free – come along and meet us!   Call or write for details!

Please have a look at our website, and feel free to contact me anytime!  Hope to have some of you join us in 2011!

Gart T. Westerhout. Director, OMT

info AT osugimusicaltheatre DOT com


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