Architectural Tour of Kanazawa – Dec. 11, 2010

This information comes to us from Caroline, an ALT in Kanazawa.

On Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010, there will be a guided architectural tour of Kanazawa. It starts at Art Gummi on the third floor of Omicho Market at 13:00 and ends at 16:00 in the same place. The fee is 5000 yen.

A curator who works at the 21st Century Art Museum will accompany the tour to provide English support, and they seem really keen to have more foreign participants.

I went on an art tour they organised last week and it was a really brilliant chance to see places you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Also, it is a great opportunity to meet and talk to experts in their field and get know more about the city from them.

I highly recommend it, especially to those of you with interest in design/the arts.

Please email or call Art Gummi to book a place (English is OK, I think.) Only 10 places are available.

Tel: 076-225-7780
Mail: info AT artgummi DOT com


Taro IGARASHI (Architectural Historian and Critic) Here is his biography in English.
Apparently he has been a commisioner at the Venice Biennale.

Buildings to visit
Nakashima shop (designed by Togo MURANO)
Takuo NAKAMURA’s House and studio(designed by Hiroshi NAITO)

Hideyuki SAKAMOTO, Professor of Kanazawa College of Art, Dept. of Design and Architecture.

The tour costs 5000 yen.

Tel: 076-225-7780


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