Dealing with Winter

New to the Ishikawa JET Blog? Here are the links to all of our posts (to date) on dealing with winter!

Get your heater in order:

“How To Use a Kerosene Heater”

“How to Clean and Store Your Kerosene Heater”

Buy a cheap kotatsu:

“Sales and Bargains! Woo-Hoo!”

Save energy while staying warm:

“Energy-Saving Tips for Staying Warm”

“Stay Warm: Use a Hot Water Bottle”

“Korinbo Uniqlo to Open” (get some heat tech!)

Drink lots of tea:

“Lupicia Tea”

“Hot Lemon Drink”

Don’t catch a cold:

“Simple Flu Prevention”

“Recipe: Ginger Tea”

Kakkontou (葛根湯) – Prevent Your Cold with Ancient Chinese Herbs”

Take care of your skin:

“Winter Skincare”

Hide out in a cafe (and use their heat!):

“Restaurant Review: Sanuki no Udon-ya Hatabou and Café Moritat”

“Coffee Break at Nizami”

Have a warm and safe winter!

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. She would like to thank all the bloggers for their hard work writing these articles.


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