Sales and bargains! WOoo-Hoooo!

Regardless of how long you’ve been here, you’re always looking for ways of getting rid of things and adding things to your home. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the good places to find affordable items – from household needs and furniture to media and entertainment. With winter coming on, most people get a really strong nesting urge, because you start spending a whole lot more time in your house. Even if you are leaving at the end of your current contract, unsure how long you’ll be here, or staying for the long run – the winter lulls can be helped by a nice, welcoming, uncluttered home.

So here are some places to supplement your needs.

Getting rid of and finding stuff from the people you know!

The JET forum For Sale/Wanted Section

When you want to give folks a chance to buy your unwanted items – this is a good way to give those useable things a new home! Likewise, if you are looking for something, post your need and someone who may happen to just have that lying around can fulfill your need.

Here is our original post about what to do and guidelines for posting. Please read it before posting. There are items up now, take a look! Any thread on the forum that is locked is an old posting and the item has sold or the person has had found the item they needed.


Nonoichi is *the place* for making your home a little lighter and brighter. Between the slew of affordable homestores, media stores, and recycle shops (the nomer for second-hand stores here in Japan),  even from the Noto it can be your best bet for good items.

One of our former contributors also highlighted some of the more fun uber-boutiques to go to!

Here are the big ones to note!

Second Street

We’ve all got these nearby, but the stock at each store has a lot of to do with the socio-economic demographic that the store is located in. I’ve got a bit of cheapskate streak and have been known to go to various locations all over Ishikawa just to see what I can find, so I have noticed that quality varies between the locations greatly.  If your Second Street is located in an area filled with established families, you’re going to find a lot of higher end items – maybe some really great unidentified antiques to take back home when you leave Japan (which I’ve done!).  If you are near one of the universities, you’re going to find some wacky décor items and a lot of cheap, ready-to-carry house items, clothes and shoes.

The two locations that I have found most of the larger items in my house are the Nonoichi and Kencho locations.  Keep in mind, the closer you are to the location, the lower the delivery charge is for items larger than you are able to transport. If you live in the Noto and buy something large from the two following locations, it will be a lot more than buying from the Hakui Second Street.

In Nonoichi: 石川県石川郡野々市町本町6丁目21−21 076-294-1622 (Google Map link)

Near the Kencho: 石川県金沢市戸水2丁目64 076-267-5070 (Google map link)

Something to keep in mind if you are trying to get rid of things from your house: you can take these (cleaned) items to Second Street and sell them. The staff will go through everything and ask you to wait in the store. If they are unable to take any of the items you’ve brought in, they will give them back to you. For large items, you can schedule a day for a staff member to come to your home and look at the items, and they will take what they think they can sell.

When getting rid of usable items, I would use Second Street as a last resort, because you will not get a lot of money for the items you are selling. It’s better to try the forum and people around you first.


Wonderful Store of Wonderfulness

Located on Route 8, across from Nonoichi SATY is a place, when we didn’t know what it was really called, we referred to as ‘The Wonderful Store of Wonderfulness.”  This place is not so much on the home furnishings, but where you go for the things to put in that new bookshelf, TV cabinet and wardrobe you just found for cheap on the forum. They have every gaming system ever created for sale, games, game guides, new and used CDs and DVDs, new and used manga and books, musical instruments, clothes, shoes, sporting goods (I got a pristine Burton snowboard there for 6000 yen, for example), toys, pop-culture goods, posters, gaming cards, some electronics, phones, crane games (UFO), and a other random finds! (Google map link)


Nitori is where you go to buy new furniture, from the inexpensive to the really nice amazing couch that everyone vies for sitting rights on when they come to your place. They pretty much have everything you need for your house. Right now they also have Christmas decorations, a huge selection of kotatsus, and clearance items! (yay! English!)

Ishikawa locations:

Other ideas for your home: Ikea

No, unfortunately there is not an Ikea location in Kanazawa (though, there bloody well should be!!!). The nearest and easiest location to get to is Amagasaki (Osaka). It makes for a great road trip to Osaka if you haven’t been yet and is pretty much exactly like every other Ikea in the world.  Ikea will help you set up delivery to Ishikawa for large furniture items. The floor staff isn’t as knowledgeable about the options as the shipping staff you talk to after the cash register.

If you cannot get to Osaka yourself, there is this option through the Yoyo Market personal shopper:

If you have any other ideas for making your home a little more home-like, please post them in the comments!



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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! We have restructured our IKEA personal shopping service to make it cheaper than ever. Come check us out!

    COO Yoyo Market
    Jason Maitland

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