Entrepreneurial Teacher: New Resource for Ishikawa ALTs and CIRs

ALTs, ever get frustrated looking online for lesson plans, pictures, or activities for your classes? CIRs, ever wonder what to do for a school visit, a cooking lesson, or a speech? There’s a brand-new resource for Ishikawa JETs called Entrepreneurial Teacher.

You can upload your own favorite lesson plans/activities and follow-up reports on projects/events and view those of others. Furthermore, you can comment on these texts and go back and edit what you’ve uploaded–perfect for creating a community of constructive feedback and lesson and event plans that work!

This site was created by the ESL teachers at KIEX in Kanazawa. It uses Moodle as the platform. The site was founded and is run primarily by Ryan Layman and Dubghan Hinchey of KIEX; I act as the JET liaison.

What makes Entrepreneurial Teacher special?

• A glossary of tried and true projects that any confirmed “teachers” can add to and edit. The glossary also has a rating system and the ability to post comments, so users without the ability to edit can still participate in the glossary.
• Trusted users (full name, identity confirmed) will be giving the ability to admin courses or create their own courses. This will allow passionate teachers to share resources that are comparable with commercial ones and drive content creation on the site.
• The Site will be used as a hub to connect to the other social networking services that are all ready being used by teachers. 3rd party apps, modules, and plug-ins will be used to customize the site and make easier to navigate from The Site to other internet services.

Moodle is a very easy-to-use resource; there are tutorials on how to upload content for those new to the program.

Not an Ishikawa JET? Though the site is focused on our Ishikawa JET community, JET ALTs and CIRs from other prefectures are welcome and encouraged to join.

ALTs and Teaching CIRS
Upload and download pictures and worksheets to and from a site you can trust and share them with people you know! Unlike other ESL sites, this one is not only Japan-specific, but JET specific. Create and find ideas for games to play with Eigo Noto; discuss what works and what doesn’t with very young students; and write about your English Club activities.

Don’t let the name fool you, this site is great for CIRs who plan events, too. Upload your cooking lesson recipes and notes; reports on your holiday parties, school visits, speeches, and more! We don’t really have a good resource other than the CIR guide for coming up with ideas and, more importantly, discussing what was successful or unsuccessful about our events. Read our follow-up reports before you plan your next event.

Registration is open from 8-29 Nov. 2010 at http://www.entrepreneurialteacher.com/. Registration will be closed after that to prevent spam but may be opened later.

Want to view the site before you register? Click on the (temporary) guest log-in to see the front page and forums! You’ll have to register to get access to the rest.

For the sake of security, the founders chose to use encrypted log-in page from a third-party source in California. You need to add the security certificate to your list of exceptions Firefox or ignore the warning in Explorer.*

*If this happens and the warning is in Japanese, click the arrow by “危険性を理解した上で接続するには,” (“I understand there may be a risk…”) then click “例外を追加” (add an exception). In the pop up, click the button with a G on it  (証明書を取得) (certificate acquisition), then click the confirm button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu, the editor of this blog, and a founding member of Entrepreneurial Teacher. She hopes you’ll participate and help improve our JET community.

One thought on “Entrepreneurial Teacher: New Resource for Ishikawa ALTs and CIRs

  1. We are buying a SSL certificate from our hosting company, Media Temple, this week so as to eliminate the error message that new users get from their internet browsers. I hope this makes it easier to sign up and use the Entrepreneurial Teacher.com

    -Dubhgan Hinchey

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